This Week’s Extras

Empress Michicko repeated her white saucer hat with lattice underbrim and silk leaf trim on Monday to celebrate the Japanese Coast Guard’s 70th anniversary (Imperial Family of Japan)

Princess Kiko in a navy straw hat with rounded kettle brim trimmed with a white pinstriped edged hatband and double side bow on Monday in Hawaii.

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Queen Silvia in a black headband on Tuesday at an anniversary memorial for victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Queen Margrethe wore her bright pink straw hat for the third time in as many weeks on Wednesday for her visit to the 2nd Battalion of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. Here’s a great article explaining the connection between the Danish Queen and a British regiment.

Swedish royal women in traditional white starched folk hats Wednesday for National Day celebrations.

A new, cream straw brimmed hat for Princess Marie on Thursday at a Danish Emergency Management Agency memorial.

Small, new, brimless red hat today for Princess Claire of Luxembourg at a German society wedding (Luxarazzi)

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

From British milliner Tracy Miller, a beautiful draped abacca straw seafoam headpiece and slate blue trimmed hat
Natural straw wide brimmed upsweep with pink silk layered hatband & bow from British milliner Dillon Wallwork
Black straw button percher with exquisite sunset hued feathers from British milliner Justine Bradley Hill
Love the pearls and pleated ribbon trim on this cream straw rounded pillbox from UK brand Butterfly Hats
Dramatic red cartwheel brimmed hat with black quills from Australian milliner Marily Van den Berg
Creative (and cheeky!) blue straw shell cocktail hat with pearls from Yuan Li London
Bright pink silk covered percher with bow and lovely crin ruffle from British label John Boyd Millinery

And from Tasmanian-based brand Cessiah Alice Millinery, this vibrant percher with retro cotton printed hugger base and pink feather peony trim. I love its exuberance!

 Royal Hats

Prince Nikolaos’ photography exhibition “PHOS: A Journey of Light” opened last weekend at the Hellenic Museum in Melbourne. The work looks beautiful- those in the area may want to catch the exhibition before it closes on July 29.

Sweet portrait of Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar released Wednesday for Swedish National Day

Wonderful snap released by Princess Madeleine of Princess Leonore after her little sister’s christening yesterday, captioned “in her true element”.

16 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

    • Avery, are you sure Princess Hisako was there? I couldn’t find any photos of her at that event, but Princess Takamado did give a speech, and is pictured on the page of your link.

      • Princess Hisako IS a Takamado Princess (as are her daughters). The title comes from her late husband, Norihito, who was given the title Prince Takamado (along with authorization to start a new branch of the Imperial Family) when he and Hisako married, December 1, 1984. This is the practice when princes in the Imperial royal family marry.

        Along the same lines, the Emperor and Empress’ younger son, Prince Fumihito, was given the title Prince Akishino when he married. Most of the time, he is referred to as Prince Akishino. His wife, Princess Kiko, is sometimes referred to as Princess Akishino, and their daughters are Princess Mako and Princess Kako of Akishino.

        • Thanks for the explanation, HatQueen! I guess this is no more confusing than the British royalty when princes become Dukes and Earls, I’m just less used to it. I’ll have to pay more attention to the different Imperial princesses when they are shown!

      • There are more photos of Princess Hisako of Takamado half way down the page. A small gallery where she’s holding a champagne glass. 2 rows below that, she’s seated in a group photo.

  1. So many beauties in the new designs this week! I especially love the slate blue trim on the Tracy Miller and the unique shape of the shell cocktail hat.

  2. Prince and Princess Michael of Kent attended the Founder’s Day Parade at Royal Hospital Chelsea on June 7:
    Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

  3. Princess Anne viewed a Parade of Sail to mark the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Royal Forth Yacht Club, in Granton Harbour, Edinburgh on June 2

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