Trooping The Colour: York, Wessex & Phillips Families

We jump back into a review of the hats at Saturday’s Trooping The Colour ceremony with those worn by the rest of the Queen’s immediate family. Princess Beatrice topped her pale pink dress with a red straw variation on a pillbox hat. Trimmed with a looped figure-8 bow on the side, the hat stands out thanks to its unusual raised shape around the front. I’ve warmed to the shape over the weekend- while unusual and most interesting, it provides subtle framing to Beatrice’s face – and the unexpected pairing of red hat and pink dress feels very fresh and modern. This is the first red hat we’ve ever seen on Princess Beatrice and the colour is great on her.

Embed from Getty Images
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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Sally Ann Provan. It is the “Lola” straw bow pillbox. Dress from The Fold London.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Eugenie topped her green dress with  a hat described by the designer as a “silver Kintab sinamay downturned brimmed hat, with acetate leaf pattern.” The mushroom brimmed shape is lovely on Eugenie and the leaf pattern brings an unexpected, surprise element to the hat the links wonderfully with her emerald dress. Bee Smith is a new milliner for Eugenie and this piece is a fantastic choice for her.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Bee Smith. It is the “Leaf Brim” from SS 2018. Osman Studio dress.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Countess of Wessex repeated her ecru lace covered beret based cocktail hat trimmed with peach-tinged trimming of silk rose, feathers, and curling slim quills. It’s a lovely piece (shown so well by her hairstyle) that pairs, I think, just as well with her pink dress as the memorable hat she wore with it last year to Ascot. Sophie has some fantastic hats in her millinery closet and it’s great to see her bring them out in new, interesting pairings such as this.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor. Dress by Emilia Wickstead
Previously Worn: May 12, 2015June 17, 2014May 17, 2014

Lady Louise Windsor topped her navy dress with a smart navy straw button base percher cocktail hat trimmed with a large pleated ruffle rosette. The scale is just perfect on Louise and her hairstyle hosts the hat, perfectly.

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Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Autumn Phillips contrasted her navy dress with a wonderful, bright pink hat. With a silk covered beret straw base, the hat is trimmed with several silk magenta roses, large slim, straw bow loops, tufts of net tulle veil, and gold leaves. The hat adds an exuberant pop of colour to the ensemble and the combination of neckline on the dress, scale of the hat and hairstyle is one that is beautifully balanced.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Emily London. Dress by Suzannah.
Previously Worn: This hat is new 

I think there’s something significant to admire about each of these five hats- what are your thoughts?
Photos from Getty as indicated

19 thoughts on “Trooping The Colour: York, Wessex & Phillips Families

  1. Doesn’t Lady Louise look like her Aunt in that pic of her with the York sisters!! A striking resemblance. P.S. Dont like any of the hats much. Sorry.

    • Louise, I totally agree with you regarding Lady Louise’s resemblance to her York aunts. Sometimes the resemblances among the various royal family members are quite striking, depending on the angles of the photos. For example, I have always thought that Prince William resembles Prince Edward as he looked at William’s age a lot more than he resembles his own father.

  2. I like this hat a lot for Beatrice and it’s nice to see her try red out, something she should do more often. The pairing with this dress also works for me. I’m not as much of a fan of the placement on her head, and wish is sat more forward.

    Eugenie’s whole look was a favorite of the day! I love this emerald color for her, and the painted leaves on the hat was a nice touch without being overdone.

    Sophie’s cocktail percher looked fine on her, but as we’ve seen this one multiple times, and so many other similar hats on her, it doesn’t stand out. I also think its design clashes with the dress (which I’m not a fan of).

    Another win for Lady Louise! Great choice of cocktail hat for her, and while her hairstyle is well done overall, something about the way it’s pulled away from the forehead seems a bit odd for me; ultimately though she gets a pass on that as she’s very much still getting used to hat and hairstyle pairings.

    While Autumn looks fantastic in this hot pink cocktail hat, and colorwise it pairs excellently with her navy dress, I think the trim on this hat could’ve been done better.

  3. I love Eugenie’s hat and how it compliments the dress. My favorite for her thus far. I also love how you can see the pattern from the underside of the hat.

    I also really like Beatrice’s hat but I wish it was sitting a bit farther forward. It looks like it will slide down the back of her head. Or I wish the front molded to her head a bit more. I also wish it would have had a bit more of a tie in with her dress. This hat seems like it would work with a patterned dress where the color of the hat could pull out that same color in a dress.

    Sophie’s hat just doesn’t go with her dress in my opinion. I truly loved the hat she wore with this dress previously.

    Louise’s hat is great on her!

    Autumn’s hat is lovely but my thoughts on it with her dress is ditto to what I said about Beatrice’s. It just seems like these ladies chose a solid color dress and then just picked a solid colored hat (any solid colored hat will do kind of thing…)

  4. I love how you can always count on the York sisters to try something a little bit unexpected. The hat from Beatrice is gorgeous. It’s different, it’s special. I love it! The hat from Eugenie has something unique as well. I love the shape and the pattern. It gets even better in combination with her dress.
    Sophie’s hat is great. But for me it’s just not working with this dress. The style, the size, the color. No, she can do much better than this.
    Louise: great look for her.
    Autumn: she looks good, as usual. Great color combination.

  5. I love Princess Eugenie’s hat but I wish the band anchoring it to her head was in a color that blended in with her hair. I think the stark black is a bit distracting although maybe it’s just because the first photo on the left makes it so dark?

    • I agree with Pamela I love Eugenie’s hat but the heavy black felt head band distracts from its overall delight. Given it’s a high-end piece I wonder why the milliner could not have made the headband narrower and in a colour that matched more closely with Eugenie’s auburn hair so as not to distract from the beauty of this hat.

      I also love Bea’s hat, to me the colour reads more raspberry than red so its compliment who pale pink dress well rather than contrasting. I agree with other commenters that the placement of the hat on Beas’s head is beautiful and much better than that of the model.

  6. I love Lady Louise’s hat, hairdo and overall look, my she’s grown up overnight and her millinery selection is spot on! That whole carriage was a bevy of delightful hats and each was a little different and flattered the wearer. I think my favorite was Princess Eugenie’s beautiful mushroom hat which paired so well with her emerald green dress. Lady Louise takes second place with her navy outfit.

  7. I love both The York sisters and Lady Louise’s looks. Although, I think Lady Louise should cut her hair just a little bit. I don’t think the hat and the dress that the Countess of Wessex chose fit very well. The hat would’ve been better paired with the green dress she wore on the first day of the Royal Ascot.

  8. There seems to be a trend for contrasting hats! Personally, I think Pss Eugenie’s hat is just wonderful; and Lady Louise’s is just right for her – interesting without being showy or over the top. I don’t think she’s made a false step yet, which is impressive in someone so young.

  9. I’ve been so excited waiting for this post because I think, in addition to Kate, that the two York sisters were really the millinery stars today. Both of their hats are fabulous. I really really love the mushroom brim/green leaf hat, it’s such a glorious graceful shape, I’m swooning. And I also really love the uptilted pillbox. It’s a lovely color and looks wonderful perched on Beatrice’s head. It frames her face gloriously, almost like a modern halo or bonnet. What a really great and unique hat and look.

    the CoW’s hat is fine, but not a standout for me, and I think the heavy proportions and feel of the pink dress looked much better with the really dramatic hat from Ascot. I think the small hat here feels out of whack with this dress.

    I really hope both of these hats are popular enough to make our month end votes, but June is always so hard since it includes trooping and ascot…

    I love seeing Lady Louise in more “real” millinery, and this navy blue is lovely- a good size for her face imo and interesting and contemporary enough to feel like a definite step up from headbands and hairbows but not in any way overly mature. The navy looks lovely with her coloring and her half-up hair is a great choice when a full updo might have felt too old, and all down always seems strange with small hats. Really a great outing for her.

    Thanks so much hat queen for all the posts in this most hat-heavy time of year!

  10. I looooooove both Eugenie’s hat and Beatrice’s hat. The light shining through Eugenie’s hat is just lovely and the painted leaves are so different than what we normally see. Bea’s hat is splendid on her. I like it worn at this angle much more than I do the way the model is wearing it. I’ve said before that Bea reminds me of a Botticelli angel and this hat suggests a halo to me, so I think it suits her. I also appreciate the color combination, one that shouldn’t work on a redhead in theory but that looks so good on her. I now have high hopes for Ascot! Don’t let me down York princesses! Autumn looks wonderful, she has really stepped up her game the past few years (feeling more comfortable in her place perhaps or just a sign of maturity?). As with Bea, I do love the color combinations that Autumn comes up with, so much more fun than matchy matchy all the time. Sophie’s hat is good, but I think with this dress if she was going to go same color family, she needed a more saturated color, even just in the embellishments to tie the dress together a little bit. I hate the dress so I don’t necessarily want to see it again, but a navy hat or one the color of Eugenie’s dress might have looked fab. Louise looks wonderful, straddling the line between teenager and grownup very well, the hairstyle helps a lot in that.

  11. All great choices. And they looked so nice together in the same carriage. Excellent choices for both of the York sisters, though I might quibble slightly with Bea’s placement. I am also so thrilled watching Louise grow into such a lovely, poised young lady. As for Sophie, I have long admired this hat, but this is not my favorite dress pairing with it.

  12. Great hats for Eugenie and Beatrice, can’t pick my favourite of the two. I like that Beatrice’s is a bit unusual. I preferred the Countess of Wessex’ dress paired with her Ascot hat, and am not too much a fan of this pairing.
    Autumn’s hat looked very similar to her hat from last year’s Trooping the Colour. I can spot some differences, but I’m not sure why she would have two designs that are so alike.

    First time poster here, but I’ve been enjoying your blog for several years now.

    • I had to go back and check that Autumn’s pink hat was not a repeat from last year. It makes me now wonder if Autumn is working with a stylist and borrowing hats, since so few of hers we see worn twice.

      And welcome to the conversation, Anny48! So pleased to have you join us!

  13. Sooooo…. Beatrice’s hat; I love the colour combo, but that funny raise at the front I can’t get in with. If it was just a regular pillbox then the colour combo would be doing the talking. Eugenie’s hat shape is lovely, and the detail stunning. My only quibble is that the strong colour of the dress could handle a more saturated colour.

    Louise is showing promise! Alas I’m not on board with her Mother’s combo. That dress is modern and graphic, the hat just too romantic to pair well with it, and it needs a stronger colour I think.

    Once more – Autumn wins it for me. She has just jumped into her own this past few years and has a look that works so well for her.

    • I agree with your comment about the raise in the front on Bea’s hat just is a miss – it calling out for poofy hair to fill it in. I like Sophie’s hat, nor the dress or the combo of these two. Eugenie’s hat is just wonderful.

  14. My favourites here are the hats of Beatrice of York and Autumn Philips, because of the strong colours.
    I don’t care much for the trim on Beatrice’s pillbox (and what is the sort of string with the little button at the back of the hat?) but the shape is interesting, reminiscent of the 40’s. This shade of cherry red just looks beautiful against the pink dress and is very flattering.
    Autumn Philips’ bright pink percher looks great with the navy blue, it’s nice to see some colour contrasts. (I sometimes feel all the creams and pastels and “ton sur tons” of the Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge are a bit bloodless.)

  15. The only hat I have a quibble with is Beatrice’s. It just looks to me as if the wind has caught it and lifted it off her head. I like the colour, but I can’t warm up to the oddness of this hat. I like all th other hats very much. I particularly like Eugenie’s leaf-strewn creation.

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