Ascot 2018
It all begins one week today- five days of racing that will bring us  parade of approximately forty royal hats. Affectionately referred to by readers here as “Hat Christmas”, it’s THE royal hatted event of the year!
Will you see all of the hats here? OF COURSE! Coverage will follow a similar approach as last year- one hat (two in the case of a couple) per post, with Queen Elizabeth’s hat leading off each day’s posts beginning early afternoon in North America, mid-evening in Europe. We’ll wrap up each day’s coverage with a post that includes a look at the most memorable non-royal hats at the races.
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In addition, reader and contributor Chicago Chuck will be in attendance the first three days of Ascot this year. Check out his previous wonderful posts preparing for and detailing past trips to the races:
This year, Chicago Chuck has graciously offered to place a bet based on YOUR guess of the queen’s hat colour each day! Prior to the start of each of the first three days of racing, I will post a poll here to face off your predictions. Chicago Chuck will bet £20 each day on your top choice; he has generously offered to match any winnings, which will be given to one of the charities selected by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their recent wedding. In the event that our predictions do not yield great winnings, Chicago Chuck will personally donate £100 to the charity on our behalf.
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Stay tuned later this week for our first poll to guess the colour of the Queen’s hat for the first day of racing (after Her Majesty’s engagement Thursday in Cheshire with the Duchess of Sussex). Today, we’re going to choose the charity to award this gift. Additional information about each charity is available here on the British Monarchy website.  As with previous polls, each device can vote twice per day for as many options as you wish.

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17 thoughts on “Ascot 2018

  1. Chicago Chuck will you be going to the Order of the Garter again this year ? or was that just a one time affair ? can’t wait to see and hear the rest of the invitees reaction to your wonderful choices of attire … and your partners too of course … you two have a terrific time !

    • Sadly not going to Garter this year. We’ve attended twice in the past but the very good friend who was our host has retired so he no longer gets tickets as easily.

  2. Looking forward to your lively posts, Chicago Chuck! How good to know that your splendid tartan trousers and silk topper will get another outing.

    (HQ, might I mention that the link to CC’s trousers post directed me to one of his other posts?)

      • Thank you, HQ, and thanks also to Mitten Mary for pointing that out. Now that I’ve read that wonderful post, I can’t believe I didn’t notice that it was missing when I read the others. CC, you are sure to look fabulous again this year, and we can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. Bring it on! HQ, it’s always a treat to have your hat-lover’s lens sharply focussed on these big events; I know with you I won’t miss out on anything of royal and non-royal millinery interest! and CC, thank you for involving us who are following from afar in the trackside betting fun!

  4. Thank you Hat Queen and Chicago Chuck for such an entertaining prospect. I can’t wait for Ascot and all the fun!

  5. Just went back and read all of Charles’ past articles — how wonderful to share his experiences and his photos with us. Can’t wait to see what comes at this year’s event!

  6. Chicago Chuck is such a star ! 😊 what a lovely generous man to include us in his invite to Ascot … I hope you have a fabulous exciting time … (I’ll light candles that you back lots of winners !!!😉)thanks again !

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