Dutch Monarchs Visit West-Friesland

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima spent the day in West-Friesland yesterday, following a busy programme that included stops at recently redeveloped Oostereiland island, a road construction project in Drechterland, a youth drug and alcohol prevention round table in Grootebroek, a agricultural seed production facility in Enkhuizen and a sailing demonstration in Medemblik.

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For these events, Queen Máxima repeated a dove grey straw hat with round crown and wide, mushroom brim with unusually shaped high, pinched sidesweep on one side. The lower side of the hat’s brim is pinched into a more subtle crease – these two pinches turn the round brim into something closer to the shape of an eye (see picture at the bottom of the post). The hat is finished with a slim hatband and abstract flower with long petals that curl around the hat, both in the same grey straw.

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It’s amazing how dramatically two brim creases can change the overall look of a hat. This one makes a statement entirely by shape and scale and while it’s not perfect (I think the brim might work better without its rounded, mushroom edge shape), it’s certainly interesting. Grey is not a colour I associate with Máxima but it works well for this hat’s unusual shape and enables the design, which has been in use for more than 15 years, to continue looking current and fresh. I thought the combination of hat and this light summer dress yielded a polished, effortless summer look for the Dutch queen.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: January 9, 2012April 13, 2011; April 19, 2003 
This is the first time we’ve discussed this hat here at Royal Hats and I’m curious to hear your thoughts about it!
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25 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Visit West-Friesland

  1. Love this hat! and, it’s fabulously styled. While silver-grey does look better on blue-eyed blondes such as Sophie of Wessex, I’m enjoying the airy and weightless feel of the entire ensemble – the choice of dress and shoes to support this hat is inspired. Hello summer!

  2. The hat is perfectly chosen for the occasion, but I can’t help feeling that a different colour would have been more flattering. But perhaps Queen Maxima may be keeping to the black/grey/purple colour range of mourning, given her recent bereavement.

    • Good point Deborah Makarios, that makes a lot of sense, considering the muted palette Maxima has chosen since the loss of her sister. It would be a perfect way to dress in sync with her feelings, while still keeping her private grief private, and in the background, .

    • Yes, you’re right that it’s etiquette. In some cultures, including in the BeNeLux countries, it’s considered at least bad manners and at worst insulting to shake hands wearing a glove. So, I think the Queens find it easier to wear just the one glove, rather than keep removing one to shake hands.

  3. This is a wonderful hat, and of the outfits it’s been worn with over the years, I like this pairing the best. I will also add that when I saw the first photo, where the flowers are right in front of her, I first thought that the flowers were a design on the front of the dress, and although I was wrong, that (in my opinion) would also have been a great way to offset the monochromatic effect of this ensemble.

    The final photo in this group (where you can see up through the underside of the hat) is a great photo from the standpoint of getting another angle of the hat (and also just as a photo), but also the link from 2012 gives the best view of that pointy upper brim.

    Maxima looks so young in the 2003 photo, and it was just a year after she and Willem-Alexander were married, which caused me to think of a question for HatQueen (or our other hat experts) — are there any occasions anyone can recall where a new royal bride wore hats for official appearances that she already owned in her non-royal life?

  4. I am in looooooooove with this hat! The whole ensemble really! It’s such a change from her big slice hats, but still in the same wheelhouse. It’s really lovely and I hope she wears it again soon with a dress in a different color just to see the effect.

  5. That’s a true classic – a hat that can be worn over the years and looks fresh and great each time. This might be my favorite outing yet.

  6. In other pictures I’ve seen Wax is gazing at her adoringly … no wonder – I think she looks fabulous ! the dress the shoes – the hat being the cherry on the top – well done Max 😉

  7. This hat has aged very well indeed, and I think it is a great tribute to the design that something so large in scale can yet appear summery and so light.

  8. At first glance I thought this was a new Philip Treacy (sp.?) hat until I realized that this was a repeat! Lovely color, unusual shape and exuberant trim make for a great summer look for Queen Maxima. And I agree with others that this is an “eye” shaped hat with style!

  9. YES! One of my top 10 hats finally made a comeback! I’m so happy to see this out again, and am surprised at how well it works with a more relaxed/casual dress; it’s a nice switch from all the high necklines from this hat’s previous outings. For being 15 years old, this hat definitely does not feel dated like so many from the early-to-mid-2000s often do. Brava!

    P.S. Those T-strap shoes! Love.

  10. I like the pairing with the floaty summer dress better than the structured suits of the previous appearances. Lovely hat.

  11. It’s nice and keeps the sun off her face, but would have preferred it worn with something other than this dress. I struggle to separate hats from outfits and I don’t like the pairing. I look forward to seeing the hat matched with something else.

  12. The light color and sheer materials are perfect for summer.. Even the shoes have see through areas. The hat seems made for this outfit, but as a neutral could also be quite versatile. Queen Maxima wears a large and interesting shape like no other.

  13. I absolutely love this, it’s not bizarre but isn’t “the usual ” either. I really like the quirky shape and the embellishments on top and it looks fantastic with the floaty dress. Such a great look! The bright flowers look beautiful against the grey as well. I don’t think the hat shape would be as good in a very solid fabric but in this light diaphanous fabric it is superb . The dress must really set it off as I must have seen the hat before but it didn’t make such an impression on me . I am a huge Max fan anyway but this is a great example of how to wear neutral colour without being meh !

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