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Queen Kicks Off Holyrood Week

The familiar shape of this design includes a domed crown and gently sideswept brim which is balanced with embellishments of yellow straw bow loops, handmade blue silk flowers and brown silk leaves that link with the accompanying floral print dress. This outing was the ensemble’s fifth in two years, suggesting it’s become a favourite for Her Majesty.  No endorsement could be better than that!

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Dress and coat by Stewart Parvin.
Previously Worn: July 14, 2017May 23, 2017March 27, 2016June 14, 2016  
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11 thoughts on “Queen Kicks Off Holyrood Week

  1. The peek at the floral pattern makes me think we’ve seen that dress in full on some occasion, possibly an indoor event that wasn’t documented here because no hat was worn. Does anyone remember it?

    I understand the concept of matching the hat to the dress in case the coat is removed, but as HM ages, that seems to happen less and less. (At least in my family, the older women seem always to be chilly!) I like this hat, but in general wish that there were fewer with decorations that can only be explained by saying that they probably match the dress underneath.

    • Great article! Thank you Jimbo.Regarding comment at end of article; I agree that any appeal for a million dollars should be heartily avoided.

  2. HM certainly looks fantastic in yellow, and this hat is one of her best. I’ve counted no fewer than 8 yellow hats in her current rotation, going back only about 6 years, and I surely could have missed one or two. This is clearly a royal favorite color. HQ, on your quiet days this summer, how about a yellow inventory? (Ha ha – quiet days indeed, you say.)
    Instead of another new yellow ensemble, how about going back in the closet (in the case below, only 10 years) to this one! Others come to mind also.

    November 12, 2008
    Embed from Getty Images

  3. I still miss the larger brim this hat originally had, but it’s still a great one nevertheless. It is interesting to see this one again so soon after she wore a new AK lemon and blue hat to Ascot, which begs the question even more: Why two, especially when this one was so successful to begin with? Curious to see what else she wears this week!

    • I went through the previous wearing pictures and you’re right, Jake, the 2016 photos show this hat with a larger brim although it’s still an upswept shape. I can’t decide which one I like best but I think I like the current, smaller brim. The hat just seems a little more balanced to my eye. Her Majesty really looks great in yellow and the Stewart Parvin coat is a good complement to this hat.

  4. I really like the shape and colour of this hat, but I’m not fond of the trim. Even for Rachel Trevor-Morgan, small flowers are a challenge – they tend to look fussy / cheap from a distance, however beautiful they are close up. I much prefer some of her bolder blooms. (Also, the brown leaves look a bit random in addition to the blue and the yellow, and most of the time you can’t see the dress which would tie it all together.)

  5. Holyrood Week is normally a safe bet for some classic repeats, so let’s hope she’s starting as she means to go on! I’d really like to see the pink number worn the day before her 90th birthday make a return this week…

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