British Royals At Wimbledon Final

The men’s singles final played at Wimbledon yesterday drew several royal spectators. While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Princess and Princess Michael did not wear hats, Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor did.

Embed from Getty Images

Frederick repeated his white straw Panama hat with relaxed brim while Sophie wore a patterned silk rose fascinator on a navy headband in the same blue hues as her dress. As far as fascinators go, the scale of this one is great, the colour is lovely against Sophie’s dark hair and the abstract pattern gives the piece a touch of modernity and interest.
Designer: Catherine Walker Millinery. It is the Emilia rose fascinator. Dress is Catherine Walker silk “Cloud”. 
Previously Worn: Sophie’s headpiece is new
I love it when a royal couple both wear hats, especially as stylish ones as this. Thoughts?
Photos from Getty as indicated

13 thoughts on “British Royals At Wimbledon Final

  1. I don’t really like fascinators so I actually like his hat more than hers. It gives a bit of a 1930’s vibe to me.

  2. Here is the official statement from Wimbledon on protocol in the royal box: “Protocol – dress is smart, suits/jacket and tie, etc. Ladies are asked not to wear hats, as they tend to obscure the vision of those seated behind them.” Please note the wording here- it is SUGGESTED that ladies do not wear hats. IF Lord and Lady Frederick were sitting in the royal box (I don’t know if they were), it seems to me they were in compliance with Wimbledon protocol as Sophie was not wearing a hat.

  3. I read elsewhere that one is not supposed to wear hats in the royal box at Wimbledon. Yet Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor did.
    Can you clarify? Are hats allowed to be worn in the royal box or not?

  4. I love everything about this! An absolutely stylish couple, and both headpieces look fantastic on them. My only complaint is I wish Frederick had worn a white pocket square, but this is truly minor. Bravo!

  5. It’s a nice fascination, but aren’t women specifically asked not to wear hats in the royal box at Wimbledon?

    Or were the Windsors sitting elsewhere?

    • According to an article in the Los Angeles Times: “Women are asked not to wear hats so as not to obscure the vision of those sitting behind them.” So (I know this is going to be controversial) maybe the rules committee of Wimbledon doesn’t consider fascinators to be “real” hats?

  6. Lord Frederick is as dashing as his father! I’m always glad to see the royal gentlemen in straw Panamas, which both flatter almost everyone and provide sun protection.

  7. Love it! But I did read somewhere else, and I’m not sure where, that the reason the Duchess of Sussex carried her hat on Saturday was because hats are not allowed in the Royal Enclosure. I really wish we wore hats more here in the US, I love them! Thank you, as always, our Dear Hat Queen! Your blog is at the top of my list, every single day!

    • There is no Royal Enclosure at Wimbledon- the Royal Enclosure is at Ascot. It’s an entire pavillion (not exclusive just to members of the royal family). Perhaps you mean the Royal Box at Wimbledon?

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