Favourite New Royal Hat: Ascot 2018

While there were some wonderful repeated royal hats at Ascot this year, this annual racing event brings us the most new designs seen in a single week each calendar year.This year was no exception with 26 royal hats (and several more noble ones!) making a debut during the races. Of these 26 new hats, 16 were received, based on your comments, as particularly successful.  We turn our attention now to these 16 hats for a second review to choose two favorites.

Please click on each photo or caption to link back to original feature posts with additional views, information and discussion on each hat. Here are the 16 new hats you admired most during Ascot this year, shown in the order they appeared:
1.     2.
Queen Elizabeth’s yellow crepe & straw hat with blue hydrangeas by Angela Kelly worn Day 1
Countess of Wessex’s pale pink saucer with black windowpane crin by Jane Taylor worn on Day 1 
3.      4. 
Duchess of Sussex’s white straw and black crin fluted Philip Treacy saucer hat worn on Day 1
Princess Beatrice’s blue straw Juliette Botterill saucer with straw & crin twists worn on Day 1

    5.     6.
Princess Haya’s cream crin disc with oversize silk flower trim by Philip Treacy worn Day 1
Princess Eugenie’s ice blue Emily London wide brimmed hat with bergère crown & tassel worn Day 1
7.June 20, 2018 in RTM | Royal Hats      8.June 20, 2018 | Royal Hats
Queen Elizabeth’s pale blue straw hat with silk peony blooms by Rachel Trevor Morgan worn Day 2
Duchess of Gloucester’s gold straw picture hat with crin brim edge & blue flowers worn Day 2
9.     10.June 20, 2018 in JT | Royal Hats   
Autumn Philips in a blue straw Philip Treacy saucer with white cut feather trim worn on Day 2
Countess of Wessex’s aqua straw picture hat with pleated crin overlay by Jane Taylor worn on Day 2
11.     12.June 21, 2018 in RTM | Royal Hats
Princess Haya’s cream straw calot with crystal studded veil by Philip Treacy worn Day 2
Queen Elizabeth’s bright pink Rachel Trevor Morgan sidesweep with flowers & feathers on Day 3
13.     14.
Princess Beatrice’s black & white saucer with black roses & feathers by Sally Ann Provan on Day 3
Lady Gabriella Windsor’s fuchsia straw Philip Treacy picture hat with twists worn Day 3 

    15.June 22, 2018 in AK | Royal Hats     16.
Queen Elizabeth’s lime green crepe and straw hat with pink flowers & beads by Angela Kelly on Day 4
Queen Elizabeth’s grey & green snakeskin printed straw hat with green feathers by Angela Kelly worn Day 5
This poll will remain open until next Sunday, June 29  at midnight GMT. As in the past, each computer or mobile device can vote twice per day for as many hats as you wish. Happy voting!

3 thoughts on “Favourite New Royal Hat: Ascot 2018

  1. These are some good guidelines, mcncln. I think these have all good through my mind. I would add, or maybe it’s just expanding on your first point, that I like to see a good match of hat to wearer. Something that is great for the new Duchess wouldn’t be right for Princess Haya, etc.

    • Good point Mitten Mary,I agree that it’s worth spelling that one out as a separate criterion. When someone wears the wrong hat style, that does drain the hat of much of its intrinsic appeal.

  2. HQ, I recall a discussion not so long ago among readers about what criteria readers use to choose their favourite hat(s) in these polls. It was very useful in that it made me think about the process I use to decide — and I actually changed my process as a result of the discussion.
    My favourite hat has to:
    > Be well styled. The placement, the hair, the outfit, the neckline, the person wearing it, must support the hat. A great hat which is poorly placed doesn’t get my vote.
    > The hat has to have intrinsic appeal,(quite apart from its styling). If I saw this hat sitting alone on a stand in a millinery shop, would I still find it attractive?
    > The materials used in the hat must be, and must appear to be, top quality and the execution must be first rate. While that goes without saying for most royal hats, as we have seen over the years, not all trims and execution turn out so well in practice, and there are at least 2 hats in the above contenders which I wouldn’t vote for, on this ground.
    > The hat must ideally have some element of newness or difference. I’m less likely to vote for a design which appears too standard or too predictable or conventional. (However, HM’s hats are in a category all their own. Given that HM has a signature hat style, and has so many hatwearing occasions to attend, her hats get a special pass on predictability of design.)
    I’m wondering what criteria other voters use –does anyone use the “would I wear this hat myself?” test? anyone care to share their thoughts?

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