Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to 1970 when Princess Grace of Monaco attended a wedding in St. Tropez in a chic straw hat with raised brim.

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Photo from Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Love the pairing of this hat with the emerald outfit! I don’t care for the really tall crown on this hat (makes it looks slightly cowboyish when viewed from the front), but overall an excellently simple and chic choice.

  2. Stunning hat and I love her gloves (thanks to the link for the full view) – I wish the current bunch of royal ladies still wore gloves like this. I love the shape of the hat and it looks exceedingly stylish. I’d wear it today if I had it.

  3. I have been away, doing missionary work in the darkest corner of Ohio, Put-In-Bay, in Lake Erie, in the middle of their annual “Christmas in July” celebrations. Unfortunately, all attempts at teaching sobriety and abstinence went unheeded, Maybe my lessons will reach a more receptive congregation next week, as I battle the evil demons in Florida. Nonie, you are correct about the color scheme. There are several excellent Pinterest pictures, which I assume are verboten here. Here is a link from Royal Forums, though.

  4. The song “Isn’t she lovely” comes to mind when I see this photograph ! I believe the hat was white and her outfit emerald green and I remember coveting those emerald earrings and brooch !! 😉 funny how certain things stick in your memory … she was stunning wasn’t she ?

      • I did’t realize it but yes, it is. Thankfully, social acceptance for such things in the 1970s no longer continues today. While once an acceptable style niche of jewelry, I think we can all agree it is no longer appropriate.

        • I remember as a child saving up all the Robertson’s jam labels so I could send away for a “Gollywog” brooch (which I still have ! ) I’m so sorry that people are shamed for it now – when I wore it to school so proudly 😕

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