One Hat, Two Dresses

Royal HatsWhen Queen Mathilde stepped out Saturday for National Day festivities in her red saucer hat, comparisons between this ensemble and the last one she paired with the hat were inevitable. While both looks are red from head to toe, slight differences in hat placement and dress silhouette create ensembles that feel markedly different. Which one do you think works best with this hat?

Look 1: with a red Bernard Depoorter dress worn June 25, 2015 in China

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Look 2: with a red cut lace dress by Natan worn June 21, 2018 for National Day celebrations

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17 thoughts on “One Hat, Two Dresses

  1. The look from National Day is very good but for me it doesn’t even come close to the one from China. It’s not just the placement of the hat that I prefer, it’s also that dress. I love the way the skirt flows. For me it’s one of her best looks ever. She looks perfect.

  2. The hat was obviously made to go with the first dress and the wide brim is in perfect balance with the flaired skirt. The ensemble looks very elegant and youthful on Queen Mathilde, with a distinct ’50’s vibe. The slightly different placement of the hat gives the impression of a shallow crown (the feather shaped trim in fact) and works very well with the lace dress. A great way to create two different looks with the same hat. Well done Queen Mathilde!

  3. placement is crucial, 2015 in enhances the face better while in 2018 the hat gives a sort of sliced effect, there is no depth like in the first one.

  4. I prefer the solid red dress, myself – the lacy one drags attention away from the hat, and depending on the lighting, it can look a pinky red which doesn’t go so well with the hat.

  5. I love both outfits but my favorite; in fact, perhaps of all the queen’s outfits, is the spectacularly beautiful red dress she wore in China. From head to toe, everything fitted, placed perfectly, etc. The red hat and hair style is perfect! I like the placement of the hat with the second dress. The lace connotates a slightly dressier look, and her hairstyle, along with the placement of her hat is just right! The first look is elegant; the second, dressier.

  6. I’m on board with the hat worn for Belgium’s National Day celebrations. Although the hat could have slipped a little to the side, I like it better than the China visit where I think it was placed too far back and not enough to the side. Love both dresses but I agree that the statement earrings really “made” the outfit for National Day. King Philippe looks for handsome in his military cover, too.

  7. Love the second outfit and hat placement – very sophisticated look achieved through better hair styling and statement earrings .

  8. I prefer the first appearance. The hat placement is just a little better, and that dress silhouette suits her so very well. Not that crazy about the cut-outs with nude lining on the second dress, either.

  9. Mathilde looks fantastic in red. I like the placement of the hat at the first wearing, but I prefer the second dress. But really, it’s a good look both ways.

  10. I love both of them too … though I really do love the swishy skirt in China 😊 I like both of her hat placements even though I believe on National Day it got a little dislodged

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