Queen Elizabeth’s Iconic Hats: 1950s

 We continue our quest to identify Queen Elizabeth’s most iconic hats with a look at those worn during the first decade of her reign- the 1950s. When you think about her 1950s hats that are “widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence” which ones come to mind?  As always, feel welcome to link to articles, youtube videos or photo galleries featuring a particular hat but please avoid pinterest links and any hotlinked photos.

Bring on the Queen’s iconic hats from the 1950s!

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Photos from Getty as indicated

18 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth’s Iconic Hats: 1950s

  1. I found a photo of Princess Elizabeth in June 1950 a rare photo because first of all she’s pregnant with Princess Anne and second of all although it’s a black and white it looks like it has a sunflower on top !! 😊 (,she really didn’t go for those type of flowers did she ??)

    • I think that at all stages of her adult life, HM has now and then been persuaded to try out a style that was outside of her usual preferences. Sometimes successful, sometimes not. In some cases, the public may have liked the style but we can perhaps assume that HM herself did not if the style was not repeated.

  2. I love the pictures of HM that were a!l over the newspapers in 1952 – she was the sovereign but not yet crowned – of her riding sidesaddle on her horse Winston at the Trooping of the Colour – and how brave she was riding alone ! we had pictures of Winston all over our classroom ! the photos instantly transport me back to that time … don’t know if you will allow regimental uniform hats HQ 😕 (just as an aside I do so wish I could add photos – sorry I can’t … major techno duck here 😕)

  3. The discussion about the arrival in London hat made me think of the Three Queens Mourning photo — an iconic image, but perhaps not an iconic hat?

    And I wondered about the Order of the Garter cap. It’s certainly iconic, but I’m guessing we’re not considering ceremonial garb for this effort?

    • Hmmm… the Order of the Garter hat transcends decades, doesn’t it?! Don’t worry- I have an “Any We Missed” post scheduled for the end of this series to catch such hats!

  4. The Sydney 1954 hat is the first one I think of for HM in the 1950s, as it’s not representative on the styles she normally chose during that time, and also because the particular photo is so iconic for me.

    Otherwise, I agree that the Anne christening hat and the return to London as Queen hat are both iconic.

    It seems like the 1950s is a more difficult decade to choose iconic hats as HM wore very similar styles throughout most of the decade, and a vast majority of the photos are in black and white, making any hats that could’ve stood out more seem standard because we don’t know what the colors were, etc.

    • Everything you said. That wide brimmed hat with the lace dress is so often used for a picture of the young HM looking fabulous. And she does. The princess Anne christening hat probably only because it’s well known.

      Her hats from this decades were all quite small, off the face and a foil for her dresses which were full skirted styles, which of course is the iconic 50s look. So the hats weren’t as important, which for me explains why I can’t think of others that stand out…

  5. To me, the hats I have seen the most would be the hat she wore arriving back in London as Queen and the hat from Anne’s christening. Those are the pictures that stick in my mind.

  6. HM never looked more elegant than the 2nd picture in the 1st set, above. A garden party in Sydney, February 19, 1954. I found another picture of her that day (finally) that may be of interest to some of you.
    Embed from Getty Images

    I’ve always liked the last one in the first set with its matching coat, which is actually a soft red.

    October 19, 1957; American football game.

  7. The Queen was still Princess Elizabeth in October 1950 and the christening of Princess Anne ! She was dressed in her signature blue … although the photos were lovely with the King ( who seemed to have a hard time taking his eyes off the baby 😉) the Queen and Queen Mary with Prince Charles walking around trying to find things to give her ! Prince Philip smiling at his son ☺ Princess Elizabeth’s hat was different !! I’m not sure about the shape or even the materials used but it seemed like the trimming came out of her head not the hat – definitely different !! These photos are proof that the hat was an interesting one !

  8. I don’t have a picture, but surely one of the most iconic was the first she was seen wearing as Queen, as she descended from the aeroplane to be greeted by Winston Churchill. A very widely known picture and very much a hat of its time.

    • I agree- it’s the first hat we saw her wear as Queen. You can see a closeup here and there’s another great shot in this Vogue article– just scroll down the page.
      Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
       Embed from Getty Images

      • I think it must be the most iconic hat worn that decade – it has been seen in photographs and on television for the last 65+ years. I can’t think of another hat from the 1950s about which the same can be said.

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