British Royals Attend Braemar Gathering

Queen Elizabeth followed the tradition started by her great, great grandmother Queen Victoria in 1848, attending the annual Braemar Gathering at The Princess Royal and Duke of Fife Memorial Park in Braemar, Aberdeenshire. Today she opened the brand new Braemar Highland Games Center and attended this festival of Scottish history, culture, tradition and sport accompanied by her two eldest children.

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This event often marks the Queen’s transition from summer straw hats to autumnal felts and such was the case today. She repeated her dark turquoise felt hat with Pork Pie indented crown and upturned kettle brim edged in dark teal velvet. The hat’s streamlined trimming includes a cluster of overlapping velvet quilted leaves on the side.

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I really like the contrast provided by the teal velvet trim and its coordination between the hat trim and the coat’s collar. The crown shape is a bit clunky (particularly the slightly higher side) but not enough to set the ensemble off balance. The colour is magnificent on Her Majesty and the mix of textures between the silk crepe, velvet and felt give interest and dimension to the overall look.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: April 13, 2017

Princess Anne repeated her grey felt square crowned cloche hat with triple layered black ribbon hatband. The hat’s feather trim – both on the side of the hat and overlay covering the short brim – remains a strong look somehow fits this setting and event better than some of its previous outings. The scale is great on Anne and she wears the hat well.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: March 13, 2017Dec 25, 2017

The Braemar Gathering always appears to be an enjoyable day out for the British royals and today was no exception. What do you think about this pair of hats at the Gathering today?
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13 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Braemar Gathering

  1. I’m so happy to see this hat and outfit back out again as it’s been far too long! The color is perfect in terms of seasonal transitioning, and the details are wonderful. This is one of my favorite AK ensembles in recent years.

    This is not my favorite of Anne’s hats, but she wears it very well and it’s perfect for the event.

    A little disappointed there seems to be virtually no hats on the other guests surrounding HM.

  2. Both hats are lovely – I particularly like the trims on these – and each suits its wearer well, which is an important point (one can’t imagine HM and HRH swapping hats), but I must admit I was not taken with the colour combination of Prince Charles’ kilt and shirt. But perhaps that makes me the old fuddy-duddy, despite being less than half his age!

    • Deborah, I agree with you on Charles’s shirt choice, but look how perfect his tie goes with the kilt. You’re not being a fuddy-duddy, as I have been accused of (albeit in a fun spirit) here on RoyalHats, when I stated my disliking for brown shoes with men’s blue or grey suits. One of my personal rules when putting on an outfit, though, is to always have AT LEAST two contrasting patterns going together, like Charles did at Braemar. As for HM’s hat, it is one of my favorites in recent years. I like Anne’s hat also.

  3. I guessed a blue hat for the Braemar Gathering yesterday and I’m not often right! Yahoo! Lovely hat though I wish the crown shape didn’t go up on the one side. Love the velvet leaves and collar of her coat. Her Majesty, Prince Charles and Princess Anne all look to be having a good time. Missing Prince Philip.

  4. I also think both of these hats are great both for the occasion and for the transition into fall styles. We’ve commented in previous posts on how much blue HM has been wearing lately, but it is, in my opinion, her best color.

  5. Still a winning hat and good to see it again. Feels spot on for the Braemar gathering. Anne’s cloche is right at home here too.

  6. Just a small correction. Queen Victoria was dead in 1948…. But perhaps I am reading this wrong? Her Majesty looks wonderful in that teal hat, but I agree that the slanted top is unnecessary. The Princess Royal looks very very smart in her hat. I am sure that they all had a hilarious time as usual.

  7. I was never out of an overcoat when I was in this area in July/August. However, every now and then there is a warm spell and then The Queen wears a straw hat. Twelve degrees C (about 54 F) was an everyday experience. The local people take the presence of The Queen at Balmoral (the season) seriously and the countryside is a picture, very lush and green with masses of gorgeous roses everywhere. In one of the biographies on the Duke of Edinburgh it is reported that when he first wore a kilt he dropped a curtsy I think to his father-in-law the king). King George VI was not amused. The Duke of Edinburgh,Charles and Edward all wear kilt well now. I hear that Andrew doesn’t favour them any more. I look forward to William and Harry embracing kilt again.

    • I meant to say that I think both hats are very suitable for this gathering. The Queen’s in particular is a good mixture of colour and regal oomph.

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