Pair of New Hats For Church in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth was spotted en route to church in Scotland this morning in another new hat and it’s a beauty!

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The lime straw design follows a modified cloche shape with squared crown, narrow lime straw hatband and wide navy binding around the short brim. The hat is finished with lime and navy straw leaves and curled navy feathers. While I’m afraid there are no photos from the church showing the full ensemble, the views here show great promise. The hat’s punchy colour scheme is an eye catching one, the trim, while lavish, appears to be balanced and that navy brim edging surrounds the Queen’s face in a shade that suits her well. Lime green around the face isn’t always flattering (particularly with straw, where light filtering through the hat can cast a sickly green shadow) and this hat tackles that problem so well.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this is new (I thought it might be a reworked version of this hat but the straw weaves are entirely different)
The Queen was joined by the Prince of Wales and Princes Royal again today. Princess Anne surprised in what looks like a new light blue straw hat with cream hatband, brim piping and feather chrysanthemum blooms. The bottom photo below suggests a flat crown on this hat- a feature that concerns me. We’ll have to wait for a full view on this design.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: also unknown
Previously Worn: this hat is new
We’ve had some millinery surprises in Scotland over the past month- what do you think of these two designs?
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8 thoughts on “Pair of New Hats For Church in Scotland

  1. The bottom half of Princess Anne’s hat looks beautiful! I love the curve of the brim which softens her face and the color is a “softener,” too! I would consider it a more summery color and officially it is still summer, so there you go. As far as HM’s new hat, I am afraid I am not a lover of lime green. I agree with HatQueen that it is a punchy color, though. The size/scale of the hat is perfect for the petite Queen. I do hope the coat and trim is navy blue and not black. I hope we do see the whole outfit again soon.

  2. I really like HM’s new hat – great combination of colors. As I recall, HM does not wear a lot of navy coats, and I can only recall one other example in recent years, combined with a navy straw hat that just keeps on going.

    May 10, 2015
    Embed from Getty Images

  3. This looks like a winner to me! I love the combo of the navy and lime, an unexpected choice for this time of year, but it feels like it reflects the landscape of Scotland at the same time. Would love to see this one again.

    Anne’s hat has potential, but one of the photos in the DM link (I only visit for the photos) seems to show a “pilgrim’s hat” crown, a more conical crown that’s very flat on top, which is unfortunate. But I have a feeling we’ll be able to give our true opinions on it again as I can’t imagine this will be the only time she wears this hat.

  4. Now I’m loving this! Theres another black and lime hat worn aboit 10 years ago that we’ve often longed to see again, and thirst this is a different hat, it’s a goodie. Not sure when it’ll be seen again though, as she does rather avoid black for most engagements. Hope I’m
    Proved wrong!

  5. Why can I no longer see photos? Can others see photos? Is it just me? All I see is the phrase, “embed from Getty images.”

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