Hats From the Past

Royal Hats to 54 years ago yesterday to another Prinsjesdag balcony scene in The Hague. Queen Julianna sported a voluminous hat very much of the time while Princess Margriet (right) wore a multi-piece floral headpiece. Princess Beatrix’s flat crowned hat looks like it was wrapped in tulle with feathers on the brim.

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5 thoughts on “Hats From the Past

  1. I agree Glitter Girl, court dress-plus-hat is a very tricky look to pull off. In this instance the pale jacquard fabric chosen for both the princesses’ gowns looks to me rather ” bridesmaid/matron-of-honour/debutante” so Magriet’s pretty circlet headpiece, which tends to reinforce that impression, would not be my first choice.
    However, I like the way those behind-the-hairline hats/headpieces of the era worked in general with court dress. Juliana had some stunning queenly court dress looks in those days, and I like this one too. That jacket-and-dress in close-up— gorgeous!
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    While Beatrix’s hat doesn’t look at all bridesmaid-y, its smart day-wear shape would probably have better suited a more fashion-forward, less conservative-looking gown. Here are Beatrix and Magriet at the same event in 1972; note the then-trendy “boho” frocks they both chose to coordinate with their wide-brimmed straw hats. BTW, I bet they both enjoy Maxima’s recent forays into pairing big hats with court dress.
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  2. Juliana’s hat reminds me of something the Queen Mother would have worn. My older sister was married in 1963 and wore a hat very similar to Beatrix’s hat as part of her “going away” ensemble. We have often commented on the difficulty of combining long gowns with a hat for this occasion. In this instance, I think Beatirx’s is the least successful of the three.

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