York Royal Wedding: Cambridge, Sussex and Wessex Families

With the Duchess of Cornwall away in Scotland performing previously scheduled engagements, we continue our look at the royal hats at today’s wedding with a stunning design worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. In ruby velvet felt, the blocked beret design is trimmed with a handmade spray of roses and leaves and a deep pink net tulle veil. The colour is stunning on Kate and contrasts beautifully against the slightly different shade of deep pink of her dress.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy. Flowers on the hat by Anfisa Korelova. Dress by Alexander McQueen
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Duchess of Sussex added a new milliner to her growing list of hat suppliers with this blocked navy straw beret trimmed with knife-edged folded crin.  The trim gives a great sense of movement to the hat, although I wish it was more dimmensional- as it is, it’s a bit flat.

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Designer: Noel Stewart for Givenchy. Dress and coat by Givenchy.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Countess of Wessex wore a tall, curved navy disc hat backed in wide layers of pleated navy crin. While I really wish we had better views of this design, it looks to be a dramatic piece that Sophie carried well.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor. Dress by Azzedine Alaia.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Lady Louise Windsor did a great job leading the young bridesmaids and pages in a smart navy satin covered button percher with slim satin looped bows, some of which are beaded. It’s a wonderful scale on young Louise and that little bit of sparkle is perfect on her. So lovely!

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Designer:  Emily London. Dress by Claudie Pierlot 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Four more lovely royal hats, don’t you agree?
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13 thoughts on “York Royal Wedding: Cambridge, Sussex and Wessex Families

  1. The Queens outfit was lovely she was due for a pastel colour after Balmoral – though it looks like Kate is taking advise from the Queen and is wearing wonderful colours !! 😊 she’s had 6 months to work out her wardrobe and it looks like she’s getting better every time she heads out the door !😊 I thought Meghan looked delightful … she’s saving all her bright colours for her trip – don’t you think?
    Fergie looked very smart I thought and she was very proud of her daughter Beatrice was so happy today for her sister – her suit was terrific – the hat …. not so much in my opinion ! Prince Philip was there – how cool was that ?? and Andrew couldn’t have been prouder – what a Dad he was today 😊

    • How could I leave out Louise ? I’d love to see a proper photograph of her I only caught glimpses – but what I was I liked … she going to be a lovely young lady !

  2. I love Catherine’s hat and whole outfit. I just wish she had worn the hat as the designer presented it:

    I was underwhelmed by Meghan’s hat and whole outfit. The hat looks flat and the coat looks like something you wear to work. Some colour in the hat and perhaps the dress underneath would have been welcome.

    Sophie’s hat looks interesting and exuberant, but again, some brighter colour would have been most welcome.

    Louise’s hat is cute and appropriate for her age, but it look very familiar. Have we seen it on someone else, perhaps in a different colour?

  3. I definitely agree with the others regarding the Duchess of Cambridge — what a fantastic hat, and indeed the entire outfit! Loved the pop of color amid the somewhat somber Countess of Wessex and Lady Louise plus the Duchess of Sussex. Even for a fall wedding, all that uninterrupted navy blue called out for some livening up — a scarf, a contrasting necklace, some bright trim on the hat — anything! At least Lady Louise had the sparkle.

    From a stylistic standpoint, I also thought while watching on TV that the folded crin on Meghan’s hat was a group of feathers, and I think I would have liked that better, maybe with a small bright embellishment to hold them on, a big glittery brooch on the coat or something. I think perhaps that she is trying hard to fit in with the group rather than stand out on an occasion like this, but all that unbroken dark color did not serve her well.

    Sophie’s hat was beautiful from what I could see on TV, and I hope that other photos surface that HatQueen is permitted to post here, but again, too much unbroken navy blue! Maybe I would have liked the overall outfit a little better in a brighter shade.

    And Lady Louise, as I have already mentioned — a cute hat and very age-appropriate. As Shannon suggested regarding the influence of her mother, I expect her to be a wearer of stunning hats as she gets older.

  4. Kate looks amazing. The range of colors and textures in this hat are amazing and then the additional ones in the hat/shoes/purse just take this into stellar. Is this the first time we have seen Kate in a hat with a veil? Not surprised Meghan went for navy and this hat is not bad but I liked it more from far away when I thought the crin trim was feathers. It would be interesting to have feathers placed like that, don’t you think? I think mostly with Meghan I want some pop of color somewhere or a contrasting trim, it’s very often monochromatic and reads very flat. That is a great hat shape for Sophie and lots of interesting textures there as well. The sparkle in the dress livens up the dark color.

  5. I was surprised to see Kate in such a bold color, but perhaps even more surprised she decided to wear a Treacy cocktail hat. It’s great to see her mix things up a bit, and this whole look was stunning! Definitely up there as one of her best looks IMO.

    I thought Meghan might wear blue, and so the color was no surprise, nor was the choice of a cocktail percher. I do agree that this one was a little flat unfortunately, but overall a great look.

    Another good hat for Sophie, but it reminds me of many other ones she has, so much so that I thought this was a repeat at first. Also, from what I could see the angle it’s placed at seems a bit off, but I will reserve that point of judgment until I see better photos.

    Solid choice for Louise, and while the navy isn’t new or necessarily exciting for her, I do like there was a little sparkle in her hat to liven it up.

    • I think Lady Louise was in the same colour ad Princess Beatrice (and matching the groom’s waistcoat and pageboy’s trousers) to highlight she was part of the bridal party.

      I loved Sophie’s hat but I’m sure she has one the same knocking about Bagshot Park she could have worn…..

      Meghan in navy again….zzzz. The hat is nice though.

      Love the colour of Kate’s whole ensemble.

  6. The DoCam’s hat and whole look were phenomenal. The hat is really wonderful- good base shape, good trim, just the right amount of veiling, wonderful velvet texture, good proportion and placement. And that color. Just wow. I loved her pink trooping of the color look and this reminds me of that only more fall-y. Wonderful. Everyone else is lovely too, and I like seeing Lady Louise in good fun millinery- I think it must help that her mom is a good hat wearer.

  7. The Duchess of Cambridge won the day for me in that stunning outfit and hat. The color was so luxurious and complemented her well. I was so delighted when she got out of the car in “color.” Her hat is glorious. The netting was sublime and complemented the rich velvet. So fabulous!

    I like the hat on the Countess of Wessex, but initially thought she was wearing black to the wedding. I was hoping for a pop of colour, but she always looks amazing. Her hat is stunning from the back.

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