British Royals Attend Church in Norfolk

Queen Elizabeth attended Sunday service this morning at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Norfolk, joined by the Wessex family. For this rainy outing, the Queen repeated her grey felt hat with red velvet hat band and binding around the upturned brim. The design is trimmed with a mass of slim grey, white and red feathers anchored with a red velvet button.

Embed from Getty Images
This hat’s last outing provided better photos which endeared me to the beautifully executed red velvet trim, which really sets off this hat and links it seamlessly to the patterned coat. I’m still not a fan of the feather placement, which I think is meant to be whimsical but I’m afraid leans more towards haphazard. The red and grey scheme is a great look for this season without screaming, “Christmas!”

Designer: Rachel Treavor Morgan
Previously Worn: Oct 15, 2016;  Feb 8, 2015; Jan 9, 2011; Oct 28, 2010Dec 25, 2008

The Countess of Wessex repeated her camel felt fedora with overlapping pheasant feather hatband.

Embed from Getty Images
It’s a simple hat that paired well with Sophie’s camel coat and bright green dress (love the pop of colour provided by that dress!). Not every hat needs to be a show stopper and this one is a great choice for Sunday church in the country.

Designer: Hicks & Brown. It is the Suffolk Fedora in Camel
Previously Worn: May 13, 2018
This was a good taste of hats we’ll see in Norfolk this week- what do you think of this pair?
Photos from Getty as indicated

7 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Church in Norfolk

  1. I love HM’s hats with feathers – for me there is something unfailingly cheerful about feather trim – and I’m pleased that this festive one is still in use – 10 years later!
    Sophie looks just great in a fedora, and the grey maxi coat repeated from her 2012 Sandringham church outing provides added flair. The pics/video of her entering the car show the colours better (the pics of the car interior contain too much red and yellow, which makes her ensemble appear to be a shockingly unflattering beige).

  2. Glad to see this hat has not been retired yet! I’ve always loved the whimsical feathers paired with the bowler shape, and the colors are perfect for the holiday season without being too thematic. Sophie’s relaxed look was still elegant and I loved the green dress paired with this hat. Great choices all around, and looking forward to what the whole family brings out tomorrow!

  3. P.S. Thank you for your informative and fascinating blog, which I’ve followed with much enjoyment this year, Hat Queen. Happy holidays!

  4. Agree on the feather explosion, but I really like the colours of this hat and outfit – as you say, Christmas without being a reindeer jumper!
    Sophie’s look was lovely – smart but not too put together. A good combination.

  5. Agree, great choices for church in the country. I’ve always liked this festive look of HM’s and Sophie looks casually elegant. Looking forward to seeing what they pull out of the bag tomorrow!

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