Tindalls Attend Aussie Races

Mike and Zara Tindall attended the Magic Millions Raceday today at the Gold Coast Turf Club. For this Australian race event, which Zara has supported for several years, she wore a headpiece of fuchsia pink silk bead-centered flowers studded with pink feathers.

Embed from Getty Images

The combination of floral headpiece with printed frock is fantastic on Zara and the two pieces, which each make strong statements, are well balanced. The look is stylish youthful and fun- exactly the right note to hit for a racing event.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Meg Rafter. Dress by Kate Spade. Styled by Kimberly Gardner.
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new
I adore this look but suspect you won’t all agree- what do you think of Zara’s headpiece today on the Gold Coast?
Photos from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Tindalls Attend Aussie Races

  1. A fabulous look for Zara! It’s simple, but elegant and fits perfectly for the occasion. As for her dress, I don’t like how boxy it looks on her, but that’s a minor complaint from me.

  2. I love this whole look! The loose high-necked fit of the dress makes me not bothered by it’s shortness and the hat is a perfect complement to the dress. Win for Zara!

  3. I agree with all of the above. Love the look and the headpiece, especially in the three quarter shots. Not so sure about the length of the dress – looks like she forgot her trousers! But she fitted right in with other race goers in the outdoor group shot, so OK.

  4. How cute does Zara look here?!? Such a cheery hat. The entire outfit makes me smile just looking at it – altho another inch or two on the dress might have been even better.

  5. I love the look – great colour for her – but I loathe the length of the dress. All the part shots look fab, the full length ones not so much. There, but for a couple of inches.

  6. What a great look for Zara! I feel like saying she’s baaack! To me. it seems like it’s been a while since she’s wowed us and this feels like the Zara we all know and love for her exciting and fashion forward headwear.

  7. Stunning! Whoever her stylist is out here, she should take her/him back to the UK! This hat suits Zara especially with her hair pulled back.

  8. Au contraire! This is a fab look, I think she looks great. It’s fun and flirty, well put together and perfect for racing in the sun. Love it.

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