Ascot Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to the arrival of Queen Sonja and Queen Beatrix to Royal Ascot on June 18, 2002. This year saw multiple monarchs attend the famous races (we’ll see more in coming days) including Grand Duke Henri, who can be spotted in this arrival carriage as well. Queen Sonja wore a rounded bumper hat with crown in the same fabric as her coat while Queen Beatrix pulled out the stops with an oversize black and white straw picture hat with double brim and floral explosion ’round the back.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

If there are any royal hats worn today, please share and discuss in the comments as well.

Photo from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Ascot Hat From the Past

  1. Bea for the win. Amazing how different – and (in-) appropriate* – two attires of the same colour-combinations can be.

    Minor quibble: i would have preferred Bea’s otherwise marvellous hat with a slighty lower crown.

    As for Sonja’s headgear … my first thought was: Gosh, she’s wearing one of my cats’ food dishes on her head :-D.

    *Bea: great. Sonja: a miss.

    @George: regarding the pale blue silk shawl: the best bit of the entire outfit, just not when combined wit his suit and for this occasion. I have a dozen of those (silk chiffon) in various colours and wear the frequently in summer.

  2. Beatrix had a few other hats with this sort of brim, but I don’t think they were quite as wide; a perfect choice for Ascot, even if in a more sedate black & white scheme. Sonja’s hat, while somewhat typical for her and would be fine for other events, is disappointing for Ascot. Henri made the correct choice in going with a grey top hat instead of black; it provides a good contrast to the black jacket of his morning suit.

  3. I love the way Queen Beatrix went “all the way” for Ascot: the dress and jacket, the pearls and the brooch, the puffend up hair and that hat! All rather glamourous and fun and perfectly Ascot-worthy.

  4. Queen Beatrix’s hat is perfect for Ascot and I love that she decided to have some fun with her hat ias you should at Ascot n contrast to her usual hats.

    Grand Duke Henri looks very good. He’s a very handsome gentleman anyway and a top hat always makes a man look even more handsome in my opinion.

    Queen Sonja’s outfit is disappointing. Considering she is usually dresses well, is a big fan of colour and she is very artistic I would have thought she would have gone for something more interesting at Ascot.

  5. I love that then-Queen Beatrix’s signature hat style shows even at Ascot. Susanne Moulijn?

    As for Henri, he is always dapper, isn’t he?

  6. Yes, indeed, Queen Beatrix managed to bring that touch of “zing” that we have come to expect of Royal Ascot. In comparison, Queen Sonja looks decidedly dowdy and that that pale blue chiffon scarf is one big ‘no-no’!

  7. I love Queen Beatrix’ hat! So fun to see her in something so different from her normal hats and yet that suits her so well!

  8. There is no doubt that Queen Beatrix’s Hat is Ascot-worthy. It is a very different look for her, but I can see trying something a bit wild for this event. Queen Sonja, on the other hand, is very prosaic for Ascot. In fact, her entire ensemble leaves me flat. From what I can see Grand Duke Henri looks very dapper.

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