Dutch Princess Visits Exhibition

On Saturday, Princess Beatrix visited an exhibition of the work of the late artist Ad Dekkers, hosted by the Heemschut Heritage Association (of which she is patron) in a park in Bergeijk. For this visit, she reached deep into her millinery closet for a hat that’s not been worn publicly in a long time. In plum straw, the brimmed design features a domed crown and wide, bumper-like hatband.

Embed from Getty Images

The brim gives an interestingly new take to the bumper shape we see so often on Princess Beatrix- ironic to call the shape ‘new’ as the hat is nearly two decades old! I can’t help thinking the shape would be further softened by some trim, even though there’s not much space between the hatband and brim edge to fit a flower or pouf of feathers.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unconfirmed. Likely Susanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: Sep 24, 2011 and likely more

It’s lovely to see Princess Beatrix out and about. What do you think of her hat?

Photos from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Dutch Princess Visits Exhibition

  1. The hat is an interesting variation on what I think of as Beatrix’s standard shape in her later years. But it does seem to float oddly above her actual head! Strange effect.

  2. From the color on these pictures it looks like the hat matches the coat/cape/outer garment Beatrix is wearing better than the dress. In my eyes it seems to clash with the burgundy trim on her dress. I think there is some purple in the pattern of her dress, but I find the trim of the dress distracting me. I do love her hatpins, though!

  3. I’m glad to see this hat true to her unique personal style, even scaled back from historic hats. It is a great and iconic look.

  4. Princess Beatrix is always beautifully dressed. I am always interested to see what she is wearing. Her clothes are so well made, and often of sumptuous material. She obviously decided a long time ago what hat shapes suited her and her “look” is always immaculate.

  5. Yes, it is always great to see Princess Beatrix on the job! The back view (thank you, Maja) and hatpins give the hat some extra interest. The design works well with the dress — I think anything too froufrou would compete with the print.

    • Beautiful color on her! The hatpins made me think that maybe a brooch rather than the usual feathers or flowers might have added an interesting touch to this hat.

  6. The three vertical bands of straw at the back of the hat give it some more interest IMO. The best part of the hat are the beautiful antique hat pins that Princess Beatrix uses to keep her chapeau secure. Overall a lovely look.

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