Hat From the Past

Royal Hatsto this day in 1973, 46 years ago, and an Imperial visit to Australia that saw the then Crown Princess Michiko in a halo hat with graphic pattern on the brim.

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14 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. MrFitzroy went on a mission to find an image of the hat featured in the post in a color photo, without luck.
    What did turn up, was this amazing image of Michiko in what can only be called the antitheses of the tiny saucer hats which became so associated with her in recent years. What a complex piece of gravity defying millinery!

    (scroll down)

    • Gravity-defying, indeed — at the back of her head instead of the front. It looks rather bridal. Love the classic sheath and gloves. Thanks for sharing, Mr. F.

    • mrfitzroyobe, what a treasure that website is! Colour pics of Michiko are so hard to find…. I clicked on the forward and back arrows on the linked page and found more colour photos of Michiko on other pages, in ever more fabulous and beautiful ‘sixties hats — such as these:
      It’s so apparent in photos from that era that Michiko started early with her love for the “Modern Classic” version of current trends, (i.e. the toned-down conservative version of the trend) which is why her ensembles still convey style and elegance today. What I also find fascinating is that a colour palette of soft muted light pastels, which is so much a part of her image today, seems already a clear preference.

  2. This is fantastic! MrFitzroy isn’t that familiar with the Japanese royals during the seventies….but knowing how, shall we say ‘staid’, the imperial family is with wardrobes in recent years…..and while the Empress Emeritus developed her own classic and instantly recognizable style over time…..it is amazing to see her in what would have then been a highly trendy and very fashionable seventies ensemble.

    Empress Masako has her own very distinctive style and is always impeccable, but I don’t think anyone would call her fashionable and trendy — even in her much younger years.

  3. Oh I love this! I really think she was one of the best dressed Royals of the 1960s and 1970s in the world. Always stylish, chic, beautifully put together but never matronly or fussy like a lot of Royals looked during this period. I still think she is among the best dressed Royals even now in her 80s.

  4. I had the same reaction as everyone else: oh, the ‘70s! Still, she wore the shape beautifully. But it’s her attentive, engaged manner that really comes through in these photos.

  5. This is not the only halo brim/Breton hat the Empress Emerita has rocked, and she definitely wore this style well IMO. I’m just not certain this pattern on the underbrim is the most flattering (perhaps it’s better in color?). They are definitely a handsome couple!

  6. What a fabulous hat! I’ve seen pictures of Michiko when she was younger, and it always astounds me how utterly glamorous and chic she was. Such a handsome couple. They remind me so much of the Duke and Duchess of Kent (Prince George and Princess Marina) – the trendy couple of their generation.

  7. I think she looked fantastic! Totally seventies but totally smart!

    Hat Queen, thank you for all the interesting posts, specially the ones about the Japanese Imperial family. Haven’t had time to comment, but found them most educating.

  8. Very 1970’s! Look at those lapels! Michiko looked lovely in this large halo brim. I wonder what colours it was?

      • SoCal Gal, like MrFitzroy, I tried but in vain to locate a color photo. I’m sorry to let you down. I did, however, find the answer to your question earlier this past week about Max’s earrings- did you see it? Happy weekend, everyone!

        • You are too funny Jimbo! I love the reply and I’m sure others got a chuckle out of it as I did. No worries about the color photos and thanks for trying. You have a nice Mother’s Day weekend, too.

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