Queen Celebrates 100 Years of British Airways

Queen Elizabeth was all smiles this morning, arriving at British Airways headquarters at Heathrow Airport to celebrate the airline’s centenary.

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For this celebratory occasion, she repeated her blue hat with straw sidesweeping brim and crown covered in the same wool silk as her coat (which also binds the brim edge in a wide stripe). The hat is trimmed with a delicate posy of blue and white silk flowers, blue seed pearls and slim white feathers, along with several looped blue blue wool silk bows.

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It remains a good hat for the Queen in terms of colour, scale and material (the straw brim adds lovely lightness around her face) and the hat’s quibbles about proportion (the lower side of the brim is a bit long and, from front view, throws the hat slightly off balance) are minor. The colour of this ensemble has a chameleon quality to it- at its last outing, outdoors in bright sunshine, it was a vibrant teal but today’s photos show a gentler, duck egg blue. Bonus points to a hat that changes colour for different appearances.

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Designer: Angela Kelly. Made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: June 9, 2018July 6, 2016November 28, 2015

What do you think of Her Majesty’s blue hat today?

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16 thoughts on “Queen Celebrates 100 Years of British Airways

  1. HM looks a vision in this ensemble and colour. I love the posy trim and use of texture on the hat.
    One thing i noticed: on HM’s right side, a hatpin is skewering the tail of the fabric bow to the crown of the hat. Has anyone ever seen this before on HM’s hats? i certainly don’t recall any previous examples. I checked the previous 3 wearings of this hat, and it wasn’t done on those occasions.
    I suppose the tail of the bow was shifting about, and someone In Wardrobe felt it needed to be secured.
    I would have thought sewing the trim down would be the way to go, rather than using the hatpin to anchor the trim. Wies or anyone, are there any precedents for this particular use of hatpins?

  2. I still find the asymmetrical brim a bit much for my tastes, but now I’m wondering if a different crown shape (something a little softer) may change my mind as both the crown and the brim have sharper corners. Don’t know if that description makes sense.

    Otherwise, this is a fine hat, and another great shade of blue for HM, and the brooch is the perfect addition.

    Side note, how fun it would’ve been to see this thematic hat return for this particular occasion:
    Embed from Getty Images

  3. I just had to add that I am so happy to see white gloves in these last few appearances. Now, please change your purse and shoes to your summer versions. Even I have a winter purse and a summer purse. It lightens the whole outfit.

  4. It appears that the coat first worn at last year’s Trooping is the current version. The 2015 and 2016 pictures show a different version.
    I suppose there might be two different coats, although that doesn’t seem likely. Not only are the buttons different and the pockets now have flaps, though, but the original diagonal seams or darts coming from the neck no longer appear. Hadn’t notice this modification before.
    I like the hat. Its flower is beautifully proportioned, and the see-through quality of the brim is fabulous. As JamesB said, it gives a halo effect.

  5. Blue really is Her Colour. The updated coat is much nicer with the self-covered buttons. And the trim on this hat is the essence of spring. And let’s just say. Her Majesty is the hardest working 93 year old I know!

  6. Hat Queen, this monarch is keeping you busy, 3 days in a row! Hang on to your hat as Ascot quickly approaches. Another fantastic springtime pastel ensemble for HM! Funny how yesterday we saw her wearing her muted jade hat when she did her “marketing,” as my grandmother used to say, and today, she is repeating her gardening attire, as seen below in Malta on its first outing.
    ALERT: Sometime between 2016 and 2018, her coat was either changed or updated – note the buttons and front pockets, also the omni-present back seam on the hat.

    November 28, 2015: Malta
    Embed from Getty Images

    July 6, 2016: Dundee, Scotland (sans either coat) I hope this is legal, HQ!

    • It’s fine (you’ve linked to the original source- THANK YOU!). As Wies explained yesterday, the best way to block a flared crown is to to the sides and top in separate pieces so you can have a perfectly smooth bottom edge where the crown attaches to the brim. Stella McLaren has done a beautiful job, as evidenced by the back views of this piece.

      I agree- the replacement of the brass buttons with covered ones elevates the hat, as does the recut coat. Funny how these subtle touches improve the hat’s impact as well.

  7. I never realized what was “off” about this hat until reading this post. The lower side of the brim is just that much too long to give it a wonky look. But, as you say, it’s still a very nice hat. I really appreciate being able to see all the detail in those flowers.

    HatQueen, I don’t know how you do it but the photos you show here are concsistently better than other royal blogs I read. You must have access to different photos and I’m so grateful. The photos at the top and bottom of this post capture this visit so well.

  8. Still love this! I thought the colour was looking different too. I do love the contrast of the brim, it does have a halo like effect. And my friend who works at BA was introduced to HM, he was practising his curtsey for the big moment!

    • Your friend is so lucky JamesB! hope the introduction went as planned. If your friend doesn’t mind,(nor of course HatQueen) perhaps you’d like to share his impressions of the visit?

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