Duchess of Gloucester Hosts Garden Party

The annual Not Forgotten Association Garden Party was held at Buckingham Palace yesterday. Hosted by the Duchess of Gloucester, the event is in support of the charity, which provides support for both current and former servicemen and women facing illness, injury or disability. She repeated her vibrant yale blue straw pillbox hat with a newly added swath of net veiling in the same colour

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It’s a great hat for someone who doesn’t wear hats every day- the classic shape and colour lends the hat to successful pairing with many different ensembles and the scale suits Birgitte well. The addition of veil also adds a bit of formality and movement to the hat that benefit it.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: May 31, 2018

What do you think, dear readers- is this hat better with or without the veil?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

5 thoughts on “Duchess of Gloucester Hosts Garden Party

  1. I approve of the veiling, although it’s hard to see it. But I can’t help thinking a picture hat would have been pretty with the full skirt and given the Duchess enough sun protection so she could leave the umbrella at home.

  2. I think the addition of the veil helps elevate this particular outfit; it’s previous outing with the fabulous orange dress did not require it IMO. I think her outfit is a nice one for a garden party, but I cannot get past those shoes! I realize they may be more comfortable (or perhaps safer on soft turf), especially as one ages, but surely there was something a little dressier available, even as a flat shoe.

  3. I thought this hat looked sensational when Birgitte wore it last time with the orange dress, proving that even the simplest of hats can make a huge visual impact.
    But how diluted is the impact this time around. What with the beige shoes, the black bag, the dress in a similar blue that is just muted enough to make the hat colour look too saturated, the beige umbrella — and above all, the overly-long-in-the-sleeves-and-torso white jacket and the white gloves,(suggesting that the wearer has just stepped away from handling priceless artefacts in a museum)….there are a lot of juxtapositions here that would challenge any hat style. I do like the veiling; however I suspect its effect might be easier to appreciate when paired with a simpler ensemble.

  4. I agree with Patricia; the veil adds to this hat. The Duchess did something similar not long ago, adding netting to a beret, with less success, but I like this alteration. The whole outfit looks very smart.

  5. I appreciate the veil addition – adds a tiny bit of “fancy”. What a lovely cause this is. Bravo, Birgitte! (@hatqueen, I believe her name may be spelled incorrectly in your post?)

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