Hat From the Past

Royal Hatsto this day in 1987 when a white bumper hat trimmed with a dotted veil and large red silk poppy was worn in Berlin during a state visit to Germany. Designed by Ian Thomas, this hat is one of the rare ones that looks better off the head, I think, all due to the position of that poppy. Much better on the side than smack in the middle of the back, don’t you think?

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17 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I like the poppy at the back! Not a great hat, but a nice enough one. The ‘fringe’ of veil sort of stands in for hair across her forehead. I’m more intrigued by the brooch she’s wearing in the top photos. Looks like a small piece of very elaborate (gold) plumbing!

  2. I agree that this pure white is not the best on HM, but I like it. The poppy is shown off much better off the head in the pictures we have, but I didn’t see any picture’s from behind where we could see the full glory of the poppy on the head. I liked the front views with the red pouf behind the hat. The veil is not to my taste and I don’t recall that being the fashion at that time. HM rarely has hair peeping out from her hat in the center, just the sides of her face. Mrs. Claus didn’t enter my head without fur. All in all a good hat IMHO, just not the pure white color on HM.

  3. The hat had been previously worn on a tour of Canada in September 1984 – not surprising really given it echoes the colours of the Canadian flag: Embed from Getty Images

    • Right on, James, Canada is the first thing I thought of too. Remember this hat? Embed from Getty Images

      • I do remember it. That’s an outfit I liked at the time and I’m sorry not to have seen again in full. The dress and jacket resurfaced for a reception at Buckingham Palace in 2015 for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta Embed from Getty Images

        I don’t believe we’ve seen the hat again though.

  4. Below, same coat, different hat! I think I prefer the earlier combination, it reminds me of Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet!)
    BTW, I just returned from a local Memorial Day Parade – wow, the Fashion Police must have been on holiday also! Why can’t the majority of humanity be perfect, like us?

    March 27, 1985: Portugal
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Just like Mrs Bucket (Bouquet). In fact she had several hats the same design as Her Majesty as I recall. That would make a great feature.

      I know what you mean. I attended the installation of the Bishop of Derby on Saturday – several people turned up wearing jeans – and ripped ones at that!

  5. I don’t mind this hat at al actually. I like the bold colour scheme and the poppy at the back gives a background of red to the white straw. It’s one of her better ones from the time.

  6. Personally I love bright white ! … but not on Her Majesty – there’s no hair peeping out to soften the look around her face … no disrespect but she looks like Mrs Claus at first glance …and the veil looks like they didn’t quite have enough so they pulled it tight and made the whole hat look.a bit “off” – not really one of her better looks I’m afraid 😕😕😕

  7. What bothers me is not so much the placement of the poppy, but the colour scheme. The material of the hat is so white, that I wonder if it really straw. (In the bridal branche some would call this “immaculate”, whilst others would qualify it as “hospital laboratory sink white”.) And I’m not smitten by the flat, draped veil, especially seen from aside.
    I suppose it was the fashion of the period, but maybe not the most flattering for Queen Elisabeth.

      • I agree with you Weis, the white seems overly bright — although the Canada tour connection explains why it was used. The veil is problematic for me too –“mature bride” is what immediately comes to mind, seeing a white veil over a white pillbox. The veil also makes the hat appear too light-weight/ summery to be teamed with a medium-weight/trans-seasonal coat.
        I actually like the placement of those magnificent poppies, and I especially like that HM is wearing the hat on an angle. A tilt can make so much difference!

    • I’ve zoomed into the photo of the hat and I think you’re right- it appears to be a finely woven fabric covering this hat. Well spotted as always, Weis!

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