Queen Máxima Opens Elder Care Facility

Queen Máxima was in Steenbergen this morning to officially open an elderly care house. For this engagement, she reached back in her hat closet for a tall-crowned, ecru straw cloche that hasn’t been seen in over a decade.

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This design, with it’s lively spray of feathers on the side and slim hatband, has much to admire- it’s well constructed with a very finely woven straw and those feathers add great energy to the design. We’ve seen Queen Máxima in just a few cloche hats, I think, for good reason- the classic shape simply does not suit her well and the slightly stretched proportions on this design, while interesting, don’t help. Shape issues aside, I have great admiration for royals who style decade-old hats into current ensembles and this neutral hat pairs well with Máxima’s green silk suit.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images


Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Suit by Natan.
Previously Worn: April 4, 2006

Queen Máxima experimented with a handful of cloche shapes in the mid 2000s that we don’t see her wear much any more. Such experimentation is a necessary step (particularly for women marrying into royal families who haven’t worn many hats in their private lives) and I imagine this led her to the calot, turban and toque shapes that have become a signature look. What do you think of this cloche on Queen Máxima today?

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10 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens Elder Care Facility

  1. So many gorgeous hats of the last decade to choose from! yet Maxima picks this 😦 . I swear I thought all these ‘noughties-style hats were safely locked away out of sight, out of mind in another building……
    I sincerely hope that the next time we see this hat is in a retrospective exhibition of royal hats, where its construction can be admired without reservation.
    What I can admire immediately, without an atom of reservation, are the shoes. Ferragamo – mwah!

  2. It’s just a bit stuck in the last decade this hat. I like the fact that she’s digging to the back of the closet, and it has a lot going for it, but the oversized shape was a very Treacy influenced trend and just looks a bit buckety now.

    One thing I do love that Máx does; she doesn’t treat these massive gobstopper jewels as nighttime only; look at those emeralds! Mwah!

  3. I really think the Queen would have been better without the hat this time !!! …
    Her obvious compassion, and megawatt smile are really all the accessories she needs !!

  4. I love the hat. It is clearly very well made. Can’t see the seams, which has been an issue with some royal hats recently. The trim is exquisite and well placed. However, it looks a little small on Queen Maxima.
    That said, I agree with what was said previously, that the combination between dress and hat is very well done.

    • Shue, the reason there are no seams, is there can’t be! This hat is not made of sinamay (wich is woven straw, like cloth), but of para buntal, wich is braided in one piece. The braiding starts at the center of the crown and flaires out towards the brim, forming a cloche or capeline shape. The milliner will block this cloche or capeline to make the hat.
      The braiding is entirely done by hand (in Asia or South America) and the better the quality, the finer the braiding.
      But you are right, this hat is well made.

  5. Lovely trim and straw of exceptional quality for this hat (probably a vintage para buntal, can’t be found anymore).
    The crown is too tall for the hat to sit so high on the head (as shown in side views) and the loose hairstyle isn’t helping. Cloche hats are meant to shade the eyes.
    But those earrings are wonderful and so is her smile!

  6. Not a fan of this look.

    As has been mentioned, the crown of the hat is too high. While the color of the suit is a flattering one for Maxima, I find it fussy and the skirt too short to accommodate the scale of the hat. With Maxima it is hit or miss. I do get the sense that she is having so much fun doing what she does and wearing what she wears!

  7. I agree that cloches are not the best shape for Máxima, but I think she can wear the right one depending on the details (there have been a few successes in the past IMO). If the crown wasn’t so tall on this one, it could look more balanced and flattering for her. Ultimately the fun and frivolous trim helps offset the height, and the green dress and gorgeous(!) drop emerald earrings make this whole look much more of a success than a failure. Brava for bringing back some oldies and breathing new life into them!

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