British Royals Attend D-Day Commemorations in Normandy

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were in Bayeux in the Normandy region of France today to attend a ceremony at the Cathedral of Bayeux and the Royal British Legion Service of Remembrance at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery, after which they met with surviving D-Day Veterans and members of the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada.

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For these events, the Duchess repeated an almond straw picture hat with an off-centre, peaked crown, balanced by a wide, sidesweeping brim. The hat is trimmed in six overlapping folded jinsin straw ribbons that wrap around the crown in a fanning hatband with tails that extend over the brim. The same stacked jinsin ribbons twist into an origami-esque knotted embellishment on the side.

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The mix of straws makes this monochrome hat work, along with it’s unique trim. Yes, the ensemble is a “whole lot of biscuit” but with its many beautiful details (like the wonderful repeated layers on the coat’s collar and the hatband), works well for such a memorial event as this.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Coat by Dior.
Previously Worn: Jun 18, 2014

I thought Camilla looked the picture of mature contemporary elegance today in Normandy- what do you think of her hat? Make sure you scroll through the gallery above to the last photo, showing the Prince’s tie. Fittingly, it was printed with boats (Noah’s Ark, I do believe) and peace doves with olive branches.

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13 thoughts on “British Royals Attend D-Day Commemorations in Normandy

  1. I too, am surprised this hat has only been worn once before, but I suppose it’s easy to think it has been repeated more often when there have been 28 other similar hats! At any rate, it’s a good choice for Camilla and the event, and I prefer this outfit to the Ascot one. Camilla knows how to not draw too much attention to herself, and this ensemble did the trick while remaining regal, and I read somewhere she tried to speak with all the veterans at this event. Respect.

    And thanks HatQueen for pointing out Charles’ tie; a fantastic detail, and definitely one I would definitely wear!

  2. Although I agree that the hat’s embellishment subtly evokes plane propellers, it probably was not intentional, since this hat made its original appearance at Ascot. Camilla has been perfectly outfitted and hatted for all of the D-Day related events and is a fine representative of her country. HatQueen, I thank you for all of this excellent coverage of these past few days. There was of course a great deal of television programming, but I found myself continually yelling at my TV as the American newscasters repeatedly mixed up or got wrong the names and titles of the British royals. Your commentary and the photos you chose to feature were the icing on top of the cake!

  3. I adore this hat. The trim is a refreshing change – nicely architectural. I tried to imagine it in a color, and I think it would lose something, though could easily adapt to other neutrals, like olive or gray or maybe navy.

  4. My first impression was that the ends of the ribbon looked very stiff and strange. But they’re growing on me, and they are indeed a nice change from the usual trims. Thank you for the phrase “mature contemporary elegance,” HQ. I think that’s my new sartorial goal for the years ahead.

  5. Camilla looks excellent from head to toe, and her rapport with the elderly veterans is wonderful. She seems very warm, sincere, and approachable. I prefer this almond/cream color to the pure white she has worn these recent days. As an aside, I was amazed at some of the close-up photos of Theresa May – she is absolutely beautiful in some of the portrait shots I saw. I didn’t include one since she’s not a Royal. Hat Queen, thanks so much for the D-Day coverage.

  6. The Duchess of Cornwall has been fulfilling her duties with a lot of grace and elegance over the years. She has a terrific sense of duty like her husband and Her Majesty. She has become one of my solid favorites. She is steadfast, yet cheeky, with an enormous sense of fun.

    Her hat is both modern and classic, but always entirely appropriate for the occasion. Her outfit is lovely, but goes above and beyond with the addition of the gloves. She is the picture of elegance.

  7. I love this hat and coat pairing. The DoCornwall is one of my favorite behatted regulars (along with Q.Maxima).

  8. There is a dignified elegance about the Duchess’s whole ensemble. As much as I love, respect and honour Her Majesty, The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall brought a slightly more “personal” feeling to the proceedings. The Duchess has a wonderful rapport with the elderly, and her late Father must have been very much on her mind as she met with the Veterans. Well done, Your Royal Highnesses! The hat is lovely, and suits her and the occasion perfectly. And Charles’s tie is wonderful! This is a man who always dresses deliberately and with a great sense of occasion.

  9. A gorgeous hat. Those jinsin swirls are a delightful alternative to the usual flowers, feathers and bows. As you say HQ, Camilla is a picture of mature contemporary elegance. When it comes to consistently manifesting that elusive elegance, the Duchess, along with Empress Emerita Michiko, is an absolute standout among royal ladies.

  10. It’s such a lovely hat this one, and her outfit is perfect for this kind of event, sombrero but not dull, elegant but with enough detail. It’s such a familiar look for Camilla that I feel surprised it’s only been seen once before. Camilla sure has a uniform but it works very well.

  11. The trim of The Duchess of Cornwall’s hat sort of reminds me of miniature planes, a subtle and elegant nod to commemorate D-Day. It was a beautiful service and to all who served thank you for our freedoms.

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