Royal Ascot Day 1: Cambridges

I’m so happy to welcome Toronto-based milliner Jay Cheng, creator of Jaycow Millinery, to share her thoughts about today’s royal hats at Ascot

The Duchess of Cambridge made her third appearance at Royal Ascot today in a sidesweeping saucer hat. Made of pale blue sinamay, the oval-shaped formed saucer is trimmed with silk flowers beneath the raised side of the brim. I understand floral trim is made in the Japanese tradition of somebana.

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Jay ChengI am in love with Kate. What a regal style icon. A breathtaking ensemble, romantic soft blue combination of textures put together- the lace trim,the dotted sheer fabric,the silk roses all come together to celebrate her regal bearing. Just stunning. 

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Royal Hats: From brim edge to silver toe tip, this is an exquisitely beautiful look for Kate. The smooth lines of the hat pair so well with the ethereal and detailed dress, the two pieces brought together by the hat’s romantic floral trim. The hat is also fantastically supported by Kate’s hairstyle. The whole look is a lot of blue, yes, but Kate wears it exceptionally well and the contrasting details on the different elements keep the overall look fresh and interesting. I don’t usually like such romantic looks but find myself swooning over this.

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Designer: Philip Treacy bespoke version of OC 554 from SS 2019. Flowers on the hat by Anfisa Korelova. Dress by Elie Saab.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duke if Cambridge repeated his black silk top hat.

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What do you think of Kate’s new hat today?

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27 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 1: Cambridges

  1. I agree that the Duchess looks gorgeous. One small quibble is that on the unadorned side of her hat I was reminded of a WWI helmet, bare and too flat. When I clicked on the designer’s original model, I thought aha, that’s how it’s meant to be. The addition of a flower on the top side of the hat and a more vertical placement makes sense of the long slice (slicing through the flowers) and gives it more drama and best of all beauty from all four sides.

  2. LOVE this! The shape reminds me a lot of Meghan’s pink hat that she wore at the first garden party, but that was Treacy too and part of the same collection. The rose really brings it into Kate territory though. Shoutout to the hairdressers! I do love the dress as well, but I’d chop off the neck bow 😀 Will looks stellar, he really seems more comfortable in the top hat than he has been in the past (also his Garter robes). I love his blue buttonhole. I have an image in my head of Charles arriving with a box of freshly picked flowers straight out of Highgrove’s gardens, here gents pick what you’d like today for your buttonhole.

  3. The DoC is my favourite look of day 1 of Royal Ascot. Like others I normally don’t like such an overly romantic look but this wows me. I believe the DoC wore this same hat in pale pink at the Quuens 90th birthday Trooping of the Colour in 2016
    I think the placement of the pink version slightly further back on the head and at a more acute angle is more successful as it doesn’t show as much as of the doomed crown of the hat that I think gives it a flyer saucer vibe.

  4. Soooo… at first I really wasn’t keen. It just made me think Fancy negligee, you know the type Alexis used to waft around her penthouse in. But it has grown on me; it’s much more of a look than Kate goes for, which I applaud. The detailing on the dress is exquisite, there’s just so much of it. And that hat is beautiful, a lovely repeated style for her. Wide brims are her friend, she really should go there more often.

    And thank God it’s not more white lace!!

  5. My first thought was “wow!” I then got a bit picky about the bow being a step too far on the dress, but seeing it in motion, with the undo and the hat, really lovely.
    I agree with Shanon in wondering if the hat is a repeat in a different colour way. But if it is, great idea!

  6. Kate definitely wins as the best dressed of Day 1 for me! Gorgeous hat, gorgeous hair, gorgeous dress, gorgeous shoes, gorgeous smile! Nothing more to say.

    William’s top hat continues to look a bit oversized, but otherwise he’s well dressed, even if he not as sartorially-minded as his father.

  7. The Duchess of Cambridge looked fabulous. All the textures worked beautifully with her gorgeous blue dress and hat. Prince William always looks so polished and I love the way he wears a top hat. The British people are geniuses at making the humble umbrella into a dapper walking stick.
    Jimbo, I thoroughly enjoyed your “tales of the top hat” that we were treated to in the past. I’m sorry it took me so long to let you know!

    • Correction- It was Chicago Chuck’s wonderful reports that imparted such splendid information on gentleman’s wear.

  8. Both Cambridges looking good – love the cornflower in William’s buttonhole. Kate looks lovely in blue and this shade suits her very well. However, I do believe the 1980s are phoning and wanting their pussy-bow back. Take that off the dress and I’d be much happier. I also don’t care for the ‘flying saucer’ look to the top of the hat (Meaghan has a similar one in pink, I think) but I do love the over-size flower underneath the brim. I just feel like the short side of the brim needs to be bigger, or the crown higher or summat. Making me slightly edgy as it is.

    • I actually thought that the dress, bow and all, might be a “tip of the hat” so to speak to the early fashion styling of Princess Diana, and therefore a gift to us from the 1980s!

        • Yes, I wore the odd pussy-bow in the 1980s but, like some other fashions I’ve worn once and have now seen come around again, I find I don’t always like them with my older head on! 🙂

          • I understand! I’m just not willing to surmise that because Kate wore an item or a colour that Diana once did, it’s a deliberate nod. That’s completely unfair to her.

  9. I didn’t think any dress could beat Queen Maxima’s outfit from the Order of the Garter Ceremony, but this ethereal dress does. It is such a lovely color and the tulle skirt is dreamy. It’s a showstopper and perhaps the most perfect dress for the races. The hat is gorgeous and it’s sleekness perfectly complements the dress. Her earrings and hair show it off to perfection.

    The Duchess of Cambridge was best dressed IMHO.

    The hat does remind me of the pink one Catherine wore to Trooping the Color 2016. (sorry HQ if I messed up the photo attachment. I wanted to ensure copyright)

    • I, too, thought Queen Máxima looked amazing at the Order of the Garter ceremony. Her presence simply overwhelmed the assemblage. The handsome King Willem-Alexander appeared somehow diminished without his queen at his side.

  10. This is a phenomenal look from the DoCam. For me it’s all about the dress, super romantic but not overly ruffled or at all juvenile. I’m usually not a fan of that hem length, but here it looks light and perfect. And that smooth glorious hat complements it exactly.

  11. The whole ensemble was just divine. After wearing white for her two other Ascot appearances it was a delighed to see The Duchess of Cambridge in such a lovely shade of blue. I do agree it’s a very romantic look, but it works so well for her.

  12. I am breathless. I confess to being an enormous fan of The DofC, but this look is exquisite. It’s everything she loves (modest, well fitted, retro, feminine, monochromatic) but with the blend of textures and the hat setting off one of her most complicated and gorgeous hairstyles to date. I love it all.

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