Royal Ascot Day 3: Princess Eugenie

It is my pleasure to be joined today by Ellie Vallerini, creator of Sussex-based Ellie Vallerini Hats, to chat about all the royal hats today at Ascot!  

Princess Eugenie choose dark teal for Ladies’ Day today at Royal Ascot, wearing what is described as its milliner as, “a 12” silk covered saucer covered in beautifully detailed and intricate Lady Amherst feathers and finished with a sculptural, ornate gold quill.”

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Royal Hats: Eugenie wears this deep colour so well and the pairing of this dress and hat is outstanding on her. I love how the layered feathers on the hat give textural and subtle colour contrast to the otherwise monochrome look- it’s not one-note at all. If I were to change one thing it would be to enlarge the hat a bit, giving it a bit more presence and drama.

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Ellie Vallerini: Princess Eugenie looks lovely in this deep teal colour. The hat is a nice style and matches well, it also creates a good sideways line across the face which is always flattering. However I do think the hat could have been a little bigger and maybe with more curled quills in matching tones to give some extra drama, I feel that one lonely quill looks a bit lost, although I realise it does break up the roundness of the disc shape which is always good.

Royal Hats: Good call on the quill. Why not give it two more companions for a grouping of three?!

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Designer: Bundle MacLaren. It is the Elspeth Hat. Dress by Cefinn
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of Eugenie’s hat today?

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12 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 3: Princess Eugenie

  1. When Eugenie nails it, she NAILS it. This is lovely – the hat is a stunner – yes, it could be a little larger, and the quill could have a friend – but I’m okay with it as it is. That colour is so great on her and the dress is perfect, she really suits softer fabrics with nipped in waists and full skirts, so flattering for her.

  2. Such a fabulous look for Eugenie! I think the size is great, although I can also see the argument for something a little larger. I do agree one quill seems lonely, and that two would be better. Otherwise, brava!

  3. Love the colour on Eugenie and I adore any hat that uses these beautiful feathers. However, I don’t like the gold quill – from some angles it looks peculiar. And our learned commentators are right. It looks lonely. Think of the single, magnificently huge quills we’ve seen on the heads of Maxims and, just the other day, Lady Kitty and this one fall’s well short (pun intended). Agree that if the hat was a bit bigger and the quill done differently this would be superb on Eugenie.

    • This hat, as referenced in the post, is from a millinery collection. We don’t often talk about affordability here but it undoubtedly factors in to some hat choices. I suspect this hat is borrowed and not purchased- for it to be larger with more quills, that would be a bespoke job. I’m not sure you can borrow a custom hat, even if you are royal.

      • HQ, on the subject of affordability, please tell me that I read the price tag for Sophie’s incorrectly – 980 GBP (is this the correct way of writing it, since I can’t find the right symbol on my computer?) That’s $1245 USD!!!!

        • It’s couture and entirely handmade. Think of it as a couture Chanel (or for you gents, Savile Row!) suit- it’s the millinery equivalent. True couture work- handmade work that displays impeccable craft and quality- warrants this cost because of all the labour and skill required to create it. If you do more research you’ll find that Jane Taylor’s prices are on par with other couture milliners.

          That’s why I brought up affordability- it’s not something we talk about much but it does influence hat choices even by royal wearers! This is also why I’ve decided to recently start speaking up a bout a certain milliner, who loudly touts their brand as couture, but often has sub par construction and finishing on their hats.

          • Very interesting – thanks for the explanation. I need to stick with Macy’s hat rack for now!

  4. I love the color and the texture on the feathers. It feels like a beautiful and fairly unique use of feathers- So often they lend volume and airiness and general blowsiness, while here they add pattern and color and texture. Fun! And what a great color for the princess.

  5. I love that feather texture on Princess Eugenie’s hat, but am perplexed with that gold colored quill shooting out. I agree to have it in a shade of blue or green to complement instead of contrast, or a few more. The dress is nice on her, but I wish it had something more. Maybe a lighter color instead of one that matched the hat too well.. The style is gorgeous on her though. She looks great in those full skirts with her tiny waist.

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