Imperial Royals Host and Embark on Foreign Visits

Numerous world leaders were in Japan this week for the G20 Summit- on Thursday, the emperor and empress welcomed French President and Mrs. Macron to the Imperial Palace for a luncheon in their honour. While the empress, as hostess, did not wear a hat, the Imperial princesses in attendance did.

Princess Mako and Princess Kako both wore silk covered bumper hats trimmed with bows at the back. It’s difficult to tell- I think Mako’s hat and suit is an almond beige while Kako’s looks to be a blush pink.

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Nobuko of Mikasa wore a grey hat with Pork pie crown and rolled brim trimmed with a darker grey hatband and bow at the back. Princess Hisako of Takamado topped her blue and grey floral print suit with a repeated ivory saucer. The hat features an ivory windowpane crin inverted binding around the brim and is trimmed with pale blue silk ruffled flowers on the side.

The most interesting hats of the day were on Princess Yoko of Mikasa, who wore a white hat with wide, curved brim and tall pinched crown, trimmed with a pale turquoise hatband and Princess Tsuguko of Takamado, whose hat featured a navy crown with ivory wrap and ivory brim with a stripe of navy binding. With her navy and cream ensemble, the hat topped a crisp and very summery look.

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This year marks 100 years of Polish-Japanese diplomatic relations, a centennary being celebrated with a visit by Crown Prince Fumihito and Crown Princess Kiko to the Eastern European nation. For their arrival yesterday at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, Princess Kiko wore a cream bumper hat with upfolded brim. Polish first lady Agata Duda’s fuchsia straw button percher with straw loops and feathers is a small hat but an eye-catching one!

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For a visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier later in the day, the Crown Princess wore a brimmed white hat with upturned kettle brim trimmed with a layered taupe hatband. Kiko wears so many brimless bumpers, it’s great to see her in a brimmed design for a change.

Following the visit to Poland, Crown Prince Fumihito and Crown Princess Kiko will continue to Finland where we’ll no doubt see several more hats. What do you think of these designs at these foreign diplomatic relations events?

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

5 thoughts on “Imperial Royals Host and Embark on Foreign Visits

  1. Some great looks at the French presidential luncheon! I’m especially happy to see some brimmed looks after a long streak of pillboxes, etc. I think Yoko’s hat was the biggest surprise for me, but a most welcome one which I love! Of course Hisako remains a favorite, followed closely by her daughter Tsuguko, whose hat this time I much prefer with this outfit compared to the dark hat she wore with it in 2016:

    It doesn’t happen often, and usually it seems to only happen when she travels abroad, but I’m happy to see Kiko sporting a brimmed hat again, something she needs to try more often. First Lady Agata Duda looks fantastic in her cocktail percher hat and color-coordinating fucshia dress; while I like this size on her, I can also see the argument for something with a slightly larger base.

  2. I really like the style and scale of Princess Yoko’s hat.
    CP Kiko’s brimmed hat is lovely. She looks fantastic in the brimless bumpers, but I agree with HQ that the brimmed hat is a lovely piece that I hope she continues to wear.
    I love seeing Empress Masako shine at these events.

  3. When it comes to the Imperial family, the photographers certainly don’t seem to be there for the fashion — how tantalising are those distant glimpses of interesting millinery at the luncheon!
    But there’s always a new event coming up. Perhaps we’ll see those faraway hats up close(r) next time.
    Ms Agata Duda’s hat is very pretty — but so small. I would love to see her wear this in a larger version.

  4. While these petite imperial ladies not surprisingly choose smaller scale hats, the finish is always impeccable, and a closer look at most of them reveal subtle details that make them beautiful pieces.

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