Queen Attends Sunday Service in Edinburgh

Queen Elizabeth attended Sunday Church service at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh yesterday morning in a repeated blue straw hat. The hat follows a familiar shape with tall, slightly flared and sloped crown with front indent contrasted with a moderately sized, flat brim. Trimmings include a layered silk hatband in the same pale blue and a spray of handmade silk peony blooms and rose buds in varied shades of pink.

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Yesterday’s outing showed a decent view of this ensemble’s pink floral dress, a connection that puts the hat’s pink flowers in context and shows just how perfectly they in. Some of Her Majesty’s hats need to be viewed closeup to appreciate all the detail and while this hat is beautiful at close view, I think it works even better further away, seen in relation to the entire ensemble.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Coat and dress by Stewart Parvin
Previously Worn: May 21, 2019; June 20, 2018

What do you think of this hat on this, its third outing?

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11 thoughts on “Queen Attends Sunday Service in Edinburgh

  1. This one is my favorite of HM’s light blue inventory. The flowers bring just enough cheer to the serene color and sleek design.

  2. I really liked the colour combination of this hat and trim when I first saw it last year; I think I voted for it as a favourite that month! Seeing it again I still like it; it would be nice to see the hat with the just dress, maybe at a garden party? I’ve come to think it’s all in the making of the flowers on these hats – some look so much better than others.

  3. This is the third outing for this hat I think, didn’t it have a garden party outing earlier this year. Still a lovely hat, the contrast is a winner, though I wish the neckline on the coat didn’t have that clunky right angle, a bit more width would allow even more of the floral dress to be seen which links so well to the hat. A quibble though, yet another winner from Trevor Morgan/Parvin.

      • Matthew, today, HM wore a dress never seen without its hat/coat, that we know of, which was worn in May for a wedding.
        Embed from Getty Images

        • Great find, Jimbo, thanks! It occurs to me that these floral dresses may be getting a lot more use sans coat than we are aware of just in terms of private events that are not photographed, such as having a personal friend over to the palace for dinner or a visit.

          • There are many dresses worn on their own for official events in the palace- investitures, receptions

            Embed from Getty Images

          • Indeed, you are correct, HatQueen, and thanks for this great gallery of photos! However, there are SO many dresses that we’ve only seen peeping out from between the lower flaps of coats that I’m sure there are still many others that we have never seen. I used to think that there were fewer dresses (i.e. one dress worn under multiple coats), but whenever we catch a glimpse, it is always a unique fabric, so I guess not.

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