Dutch Queen Opens Technical College

Queen Máxima attended the official opening of computer coding college ‘Codam’ in Amsterdam this morning in her warm brown straw picture hat with high upswept brim.

The warm tones of Queen Máxima’s complexion work so well with warm colours such as the brown in this hat and the apricot of this dress. We don’t talk enough here about hat colours flattering skin tones but I think it’s a factor that plays significant part in a hat working well on a particular person.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Oscar de la Renta.
Previously Worn: May 25, 2018;  Feb 18, 2017; Nov 28, 2016Nov 1, 2016; Sep 14, 2016; Jun 2, 2016; Apr 21, 2016Mar 10, 2016

What do you think of this hat on Queen Máxima today?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

18 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Opens Technical College

  1. Love Max in this style and these bright shades. Bright colours match her smile as much as her skin tone!

  2. skin tone: I am going to add to the list of the wonderful world of hats
    I always thought you know, a hat: if it sits if fits
    but I learn so much from this blog

  3. This is really really lovely. Sort of a best-of will all the things that make Max look fabulous.

  4. The hat pairs so well with the color and style of the dress. (I’m calling it “mango.”) This may be its best match. You can really see how Max brings the fun in these photos, waving those scissors around. And I love how the other woman’s ensemble is just as lively. Is anyone else imagining Max saying, “I love your shoes”?

    • Yes, the two women look so animated talking together! It’s so rare that any other woman (except another royal e.g. Mathilde) takes the sartorial spotlight away from Maxima, this might be a first :)!

  5. That hat got 6 wearings in 2016, and only 2 since. I’m glad to see it back – it’s such a versatile neutral for this queen’s wardrobe.
    I never tire of seeing Maxima in her signature look of a simple sheath dress style plus a simple big hat; she looks comfortable and relaxed, and the mustard and brown is very becoming on her.
    It’s summer time, so I know to expect some experiments from Maxima with her regular daytime fashion. Usually I appreciate her daring use of costume bling; but I’m not sold on the earrings, the chunky black-and-gold chain bracelet and the beading on the dress all together in one ensemble. The placement of the beading could also be improved, I feel: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-6X6voH_0GM0/XRvR_FOnjxI/AAAAAAACLrY/peiFCDDPK1oCsYMCFK099tYYLHpV1kLWwCLcBGAs/s1600/Queen-Maxima-in-Oscar-de-la-Renta-6.jpg However, the solid accessorising (big hat plus matching shoes, gloves and clutch) hold the look together enough to get a tick for me.

  6. I would’ve said the dress is more mustard yellow, but regardless, another fantastic outfit to go with this hat! This hat must be lucky/magic, because she pairs it so well with a large variety of outfits, and they’ve all been successful.

  7. Love the whole thing!

    The hat pairs well with the lovely dress and its large scale is balanced by the length of the dress. I really like how the hat and embroidery on the dress complement each other. This look is really about the dress
    ( which has stunning detail) and the hat accentuates the dress.

  8. I love how you called this dress “apricot.” It’s a perfect description. The hat pairs perfectly with the dress and is such a chic summer look.

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