This Week’s Extras

On Tuesday, the Prince of Wales visited the 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles at Sir John Moore Barracks in Folkestone to celebrate the Battailion’s 25th anniversary and present operational medals for their recent deployment to Afghanistan. His uniform and cap reflect his ranking of Colonel-in-Chief of the regiment.
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Princess Mako in a white silk covered bowler hat with blue stitched hatband on Wednesday for her arrival in Peru. The finishing on this hat is impeccable- not a pucker or stray stitch in sight
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Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria in traditional folk head scarves on Thursday to present the Öland Inhabitant of the Year Award at Solliden Palace.
On Thursday, Princess Alexandra wore her new-ish hat to the Thrive Flower Show in Reading. In almond textured straw, the classic design features a cartwheel brim and twisted bow at the side. It’s nice to see Alexandra in a hat without an elevated crown!
Also on Thursday, Crown Princess Kiko attended the 55th Blood Donation Promotion National Convention in Kanazawa in a pale blue silk jacquard covered hat with layered hatband and kettle brim.
The final hat on Thursday (busy day!) was on Princess Hisako. She attended the annual Innovation Awards for Advanced Technology ceremony in a pale lime textured suit with hat covered in the same fabric and a stitched white kettle brim with trilby-style higher upturn around the back.
You might have noticed this week that Royal Hats is now found on Instagram here. Don’t worry- there’s nothing there that isn’t already here on the blog!
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Incredible statement hat with ombre hand dyed feather stars by Australian milliner Kate Ghedina
Stunning colour gradients on this sinamay hugger with handpainted lotus flower by Dutch milliner Mirjam de Rijke 
Natural straw boater with wonderful black vintage lace printed with stars
by UK brand Mind Your Bonce
Charming Wimbledon-inspired strawberries and cream swirled design by British milliner Anne Tomlin
Such interesting colour pattern on this teal straw boater by Australian milliner Stephanie Spencer
Fascinatingly organic (and rustic!) texture on this hat by Parisienne milliner Veronica Marucci
Lovely movement on this raspberry pink headpiece by Italian millinery brand Gallia and Peter
Gold beaded ivory silk cap with pleated crin soaring swirl by French milliner Sylvia Martinez
Navy kokoshnik bandeau with geometric cutouts by Australian milliner Lauren Ritchie
Such interesting texture on this gold braided straw and leather percher by British milliner Karen Henriksen
Pink straw bandeau wrapped in diamond veil with lavish floral trim by Australian brand Locopa Designs
Another 3D carved wonder, this time in brilliant red, gold and purple, from Australian brand Taboo Millinery
Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit keeps knocking it out of the park with new designs, including this beautiful pink straw picture hat with a fantastic brim shape, beautiful trimming and impeccably finished silk binding. Utter perfection.

Wonderful family shot of the Belgian royal family, taken to celebrate King Albert and Queen Paola’s diamond wedding anniversary
Relaxed shots of Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Princess Ingrid and Prince Sverre who are enjoying their annual summer vacation on the Norwegian island of Dvergsøya
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29 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Oh, those hats (I feel a Dr Seuss rhyme coming on) … wouldn’t I love to see the beautiful creations of Mirjam de Rijke, Gallia and Peter and Wies on royal heads! Be very proud of your work, the hats are gorgeous.

  2. Wies, your hat is just beautiful. I have always loved large brimmed hats, but frequently the crown is too high. This one is perfect. I have enjoyed this blog for a long time. I enjoy Hat Queen’s choices and comments, and love the lively comments. This is the first hat about which I felt compelled to comment. Thanks to all of you.

  3. Love the pink picture hat!
    Princess Mako’s hat has a bow on the other side. It was in a video but I can’t find it now.

    Princess Mako’s hat at Machu Picchu on July 13

  4. How nice to be able to admire the perfect finish on a Japanese royal hat with the close view of Princess Mako.

    Lovely pictures of CP Haakon and family, but I’m feeling for Princess Alexandra, who has to get used to be shorter than her younger brother!

    I’d love Wies Maudit’s creation just for its color, shape and finish, but then there’s that exquisite flower! Maybe we need to start voting on our favorite hats not (yet) worn by a royal, HQ.

    Also appreciating the vintage black lace on the Mind Your Bonce boater.

  5. Embed from Getty Images

  6. Well, I was going to comment on all the extremely interesting hats that caught your eye this week HatQueen, but your praise leaves me speechless.

    Just one question then: could somebody please explain the significance of the wreath Prince Charles is wearing around his neck over his uniform jacket?

    • Following the medal parade, The Prince is presented with a Mala, a traditional Nepalese flower garland, made up of the Regimental colours of green, black and red.

  7. Princess Mako’s hat is perfectly finished. Really beautiful!
    Princess Hisako looks lovely in her hat. She always seems to be having a wonderful time, no matter what she is doing
    Beautiful photos of the Norwegian Crown Prince Family on holiday. Very happy to see CP Mette-Marit looking so healthy and happy!

    – The Wimbledon-inspired strawberries and cream hat by Anne Tomlin is fun.
    – The pink straw bandeau by Locopa Designs would look lovely on the Duchess of Cambridge. The floral trim is really beautiful.
    – I really like the 3D carved art piece by Australian brand Taboo Millinery. Very creative!
    – Wies Mauduit’s beautiful pink straw picture hat is outstanding! I would have loved to have seen this on Queen Maxima at Royal Ascot, or any of her outings. I think everyone’s in agreement that Queen Maxima needs to be wearing Wies’ stunning creations!

  8. Princess Alexandra isn’t wearing a new hat. She’s worn it a couple of times this year, I’ve linked to it in the comments. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find good photos of her events.

      • I believe these are the only times she’s worn it in 2019. My memory isn’t good enough to remember previous years and I can’t find any previous photos. But as we know good photos of her engagements are hard to find, so she might have worn it before.

    • Princess Alexandra looks charming in this summery creation. A nice contrast with the rich puple of her dress.

  9. Embed from Getty Images

  10. My goodness that pink hat made by Wies Mauduit made me catch my breath. It is one of the best hats I have ever seen. Whoever chooses hats for Queen Maxima needs to buy this one. Imagine it with a flowing pink gown to open parliament. It would be gorgeous.

    I don’t like all the hats that caught your eye HatQueen but boy oh boy are they interesting! Thank you for all you put into this blog. It is so enjoyable and interesting to read. I don’t know how you keep up with all the hats so please don’t be hurt when I remind you about these two that you forgot!!

    Embed from Getty Images

        • This surely is one ,of the most beautiful hats we have ever seen. And the genius lies in its (apparent) simplicity. Ratther 1930s-ish in style, I’d say.

        • Dear Royal Hats blog readers, thank you for your kind comments and encouragements. The colour of my cheeks is about the same now as the colour of the silk binding on my hat. I fear that after this, every other hat I make can only come as a disappointment!
          But I will try to “keep knocking it out of the park” (wonderful expression), just for the fun of it!

        • I hope it ends up on Mrs. Jimbo’s head! We have a wedding in the family come June, 2020.
          I found it interesting that no fewer than FIVE Australian milliners were featured in this week’s post. Not trying to show ignorance here, but I didn’t realize the call for so many beautiful hats down under!

          • I would be pleased to take an order Jimbo.
            But whenever you evoke Mrs. Jimbo now, I can not help but picture her ploughing a field, wearing one of your old bandanas. Your comments are so imaginative sometimes, that I wonder if there even is a Mrs. Jimbo! But if she does exists, I am sure she deserves the best. (Meaning Hermès scarves and bespoke millinery of course.)

            As to Australian milliners: about fifteen years ago, the racetrack owners in Australia were looking for ways to attract a larger public, because they were losing money. They invented “Fashion in the Field”, heavily sponsored fashion competitions which take place in the margin of all the big racetracks. The idea was that if the ladies came, the gents would follow. The competitors can win huge prizes for the most beautiful outfits, including dresses, shoes, handbags and hats. This has given an enormous impulse, not only to the horse business, but also to the fashion industry. I was told by an Australian milliner that some “belles” start planning their outfit around Christmas so as to come up with something mindblowing for the next spring!
            Australia has a very active millinery organisation and multitude of original and extremely talented milliners.

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