Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to August 15, 1995 and a sharp navy and white Philip Somerville hat worn to watch a parade down the Mall during V.J. Day commemorations. While the colour scheme is classic, the oversized, flared crown shape and wide hatband are certainly of the time.

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8 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I’ve always loved this outfit and I think it still looks good. I wouldn’t think anything of someone wearing this today, except that it’s a great look.

  2. Such a classic and elegant hat, it is one of my favorites Diana wore. The crown might be a bit oversized, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this again today; it’s better than some modern hats, and more timeless than many others from this era.

  3. This was a very chic look that I remember well. I hadn’t really thought the hat was oversized but now you mention it, it’s a bit of a whopper. Still she looks fabulous.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I never really thought of it as oversized but it is pretty big when one looks back.

      It does look very elegant, though. By this stage in her life the Princess of Wales could carry off a look like this with aplomb.

  4. There’s plenty to see in this video (though its worth muting the overlaid soundtrack) and there’s a rear view of the hat from 3:26 onwards:

    The crown of this hat, like all the oversized hats of this era, is a tad tall and flared for my taste — but the crown couldn’t be shortened without pairing it with a different outfit, because the detailing and the proportions of the suit are oversized as well. Anyway, Diana could carry off an oversized look very well, and as this outfit plus hat feels balanced to me, it’s a fairly minor point. I do enjoy the way the unusually wide navy hatband plays off against the narrow navy piping and the outsize buttons on the suit, as well as the navy clutch. And the brim is lovely. In short, a pretty smart look.

    • Thanks for sharing this video mcncln! It was fun seeing Princess Diana and Princes William and Harry tapping their toes to the music.

      I adored Princess Diana, so of course I love this look. She could wear anything, and the crisp colors of white and navy worked so well on her.

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