This Week’s Extras

On Wednesday, Crown Princess Kiko wore a beige silk covered pillbox to visit the emperor and empress emeritus on the occasion of her birthday
A salmon pink sculpted bumper hat on Princess Hisako on Thursday to open the The Okura Tokyo hotel.

Earl of Wessex in a fedora yesterday in Bundeena, Australia on a walk with local high school children on a new Royal National Park national trail, opened to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.
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Queen Elizabeth in a repeated Angela Kelly magenta boater hat to attend church in Scotland this morning
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Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence and Princess Anne in casual hats to watch Zara Tindall compete in the Gatcombe Horse Trials at Gatcombe Park this weekend
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Brace yourselves- there’s a LONG list of fantastic new millinery designs that caught my eye this week:

Such a pretty magnolia flower headpiece by milliner Australian milliner Meredith McMaster
Exquisite saucers with statement silk ruffles in muted pink and purple by Australian milliner Rachel Henry
Ecru felt teardrop beret with soaring pheasant feathers anchored with pearls by Irish milliner Sophie Hunter
Sunshine yellow straw wide-brimmed bergère hat with statement feather by Australian brand Peacock Millinery
Black guipure lace bandeau with Swarovski crystals by American brand Bay Willow Design
For our gents, the most handsome midnight blue beaver felt fedora by Hornskov København
Fantastic gold and black printed, pleated turban with curling trim by Australian milliner Sandy Aslett
Whimsical pink hat with scalloped straw ribbon brim (and a dragonfly!) by Belgian milliner Amélie D’Hooghvorst
Mint green teardrop percher with flowers and white crin swirl by Irish brand Noeleen Designer Hats
Grey and pink sinamay and parasisal boater hat with woven crown from Australian milliner Jo Marree
Classic red felt brimmed hat stunning silk hatband from Belorussian milliner Olga Lumiere
Tasmania-based milliner Meghan Briton’s statement take on a white pillbox with black bow 
Pink textured sinamay based percher with wonderful floral trim by Aussie brand Locopa Designs
More pompoms (!!) on this fantastical design by Canadian milliner David Dunkley 

And two stunners to show here-  from Irish milliner Aoife Kirwan a percher in Irish linen beautifully embroidered with the country’s floral and fauna and from Australian milliner Alana English, a sky blue design with curving crown pleat, windowpane sinamay brim, pink hatband and spiky pink feather poufs.

A new exhibit at The Hermitage Amsterdam opens today featuring jewels of the Imperial Russian court, including this amazing brooch worn by Elizabeth (1741-62), Empress of Russia
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Princess Nobuko suffered a first lumbar vertebral fracture in a fall this week. I’m sure you join me in wishing her a speedy recovery, especially as she reportedly wants to attend the upcoming Imperial Enthronement.
Some lovely new portraits of Crown Princess Kiko, released for her 53rd birthday
And we end the week with a new royal hat wearer- Prince Amadeo of Belgium and his wife Elisabetta welcomed a son, Maximillian

Photos from social media as indicated

7 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. 1. The photo from Australia with the Earl of Wessex gives us an idea of what I think is mandatory school dress code: along with sport coats and ties, all the students are wearing school hats, for solar protection. When we were visiting down under in 2001, all the students (boys AND girls) wore wide brim bucket hats, covering their ears also. I can’t help but think that potential discipline issues are kept to a minimum with such a wonderfully British influenced strict dress code. I could be dreaming, though.
    2. Yesterday’s magenta boater of Queen Elizabeth is the 3rd deep pink hat worn in 4 weeks to Crathie Kirk in Scotland. Coincidental?
    3. From the “Caught My Eye” Department, I literally FLIPPED when I saw the grey/pink woven straw boater by Australian milliner Jo Marree! Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Queen Mathilde at a ceremony on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Antwerp on September 8:

  3. Lovely color and shape on Princess Hisako’s bumper.

    Funny to read your warning about the number of new designs, HatQueen, as though we were facing a dreaded ordeal instead of a happy diversion! Did you pick these with your recent features in mind —
    feathers, lace, fedoras…? David Dunckley’s hat is the ultimate in pompoms!

    I’m impressed by the woven crown of Jo Marree’s boater. Amélie D’Hooghvorst‘s pink hat is a fun way to suggest a big brim without actually wearing one. Wouldn’t Aoife Kirwan’s percher be a fresh alternative to green for a royal, perhaps the Duchess of Cambridge, visiting Ireland? The Alana English design makes me think of HM’s split crowns, only much more successful.

    • Well said mittenmary! I also love Princess Hisako’s bumper for the color and shape. When I look at the hats on the Japanese Royal Ladies, there is so much subtle brilliance to it. This one has such beautiful flow.

      GREAT suggestion about Aoife Kirwan’s percher for the Duchess of Cambridge. That is such a delicate, beautiful design!
      I kind of want to see Princess Charlene in the Alana English split crown. I think she would look divine.

      Other thoughts:
      – the saucers with statement silk ruffles in muted pink and purple by Rachel Henry are absolutely gorgeous! I hope Princess Haya comes back to Ascot as I think she would look amazing in both of these. I think Camilla could wear the muted pink one with aplomb!
      – Biggest feather alert!!! Just a stunning ecru teardrop beret with soaring pheasant feathers by Sophie Hunter. The Duchess of Sussex should add this to her repertoire.
      – beautiful feather on the yellow straw wide-brimmed bergère hat by Peacock Millinery. Princess Charlene or the Countess of Wessex.
      – what a gorgeous color on the beaver felt fedora by Hornskov København. Prince Carl Phillip.
      – I could see Queen Maxima in the gold and black printed, pleated turban with curling trim by Sandy Aslett.
      – Stunning flow to the mint green teardrop percher with flowers and white crin swirl by Noeleen Designer Hats. I can see the Duchess of Cambridge in this or CP Mary as it mirrors my favorite tan hat of hers.
      – the Duchess of Sussex would look chic in the red felt brimmed hat stunning silk hatband from Olga Lumiere. I would love to see Princess Marie of Denmark wear it as well.
      – Princess Sofia of Sweden would look nice in Meghan Briton’s statement take on a white pillbox with black bow.
      – I love the textured sinamay on the percher by Locopa Designs. It almost looks plaid. I think Queen Mathilde would look amazing in this.
      – ha ha ha! Did David Dunkley read your post HQ and throw the gauntlet? Brilliant!

    • I don’t deliberately pick hats with recent features in mind- often these new designs inspire the feature for that week! Although, after last week’s lively discussion on pompoms, I couldn’t resist including the David Dunkley hat (which he posted after our discussion!).

      I’m so glad you all enjoy the hats that catch my eye. There are so many milliners who do incredible work that, unfortunately, never makes it on a royal head. This weekly feature gives an opportunity to look at some of those designs.

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