Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to this day in 1977, 42 years ago. Princess Alexandra presented the Ryder Cup, held that year at the at the Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club, to a victorious American team in an ensemble that proves even a princess was not safe from the least kind of 1970s fashion.

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11 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. OK, yes, it is very Seventies. But as Seventies’ outfits go, it’s still fairly chic – I think the muted colour palette helps there. The turban does look a bit “just tie this round your head” from the back, mind you.

    Full disclosure: was not even alive in the 70s, but would wear something like this – if I could choose the colours… Am presently wearing something turbanish, except mine is not so much tied as wrapped and pinned (with a coordinating pin, naturally!).

  2. How about this different turban with the same coat? I’m still looking for a color photo. Rare as hens’ teeth again, I’m afraid.
    The hat below would be a great example of tassles as adornments, if the topic ever arises.

    1978: Wembley
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  3. I have always admired the elegance of Princess Alexandra, no less than that of her mother Marina. This pic made me wonder whether I’d have to admit that my idol has feet of clay. At least Alexandra was in good company then, since HM and the Princess Royal had also given the nod to stripey matching turban-and-dress combos, e.g.1977 christening of Peter Phillips
    Embed from Getty Images
    But did this 1977 striped ensemble of Alexandra’s look as garish as a circus tent IRL? I recall the Princess had worn an orange-and-yellow striped ensemble in 1968 — featured in another Hat from the Past — so a rainbow of different colours was not off the cards.
    I should have known better. The colour pic below shows that the palette of Alexandra’s outfit was as cool and sophisticated as the lady herself – black and white, softened with grey. Too bad we have only a partial glimpse of her, standing directly under and behind the gold cup held aloft in the colour pic. The Princess would have looked stunning, in what could possibly have been an original Missoni knit ensemble. I would seriously consider wearing an outfit like this to Derby Day at an autumn race meet, especially now that turbans are totally on trend – though I doubt I could duplicate HRH’s panache.
    Embed from Getty Images
    BTW, if Alexandra’s outfit was indeed a Missoni, it would be worth a fortune today. Original Missoni knits from that period are valued collectables.

  4. Good heavens! Peak Margot! It’s a lot of, well I’m not sure… crochet? macrame? knit?

    You’re right, even elegant Alexandra didn’t escape the seventies!

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