This Week’s Extras

Back in September, Princess Hisako opened an exhibition at the Yokohama Museum of Art in a hat with cream straw crown and olive straw brim with interesting hatband of flattened vertical straw loops.
On Monday, Empress Masako attended the 70th anniversary of the National Rehabilitation System in a sleek, pale grey suit with matching short-brimmed hat
On Tuesday, Princess Akiko presided over national self defense awards in a repeated ecru silk-covered cloche hat with upturned kettle brim and wide hatband. The same day, Princess Mako attended the closing ceremony of the 74th National Sports Festival in Ibaraki in an ivory bowler hat variation with pale blue hatband tied in a side bow.
Prince Albert’s daughter, Jazmin Grimaldi, shared several portraits this week wearing an orange fedora.
The Duke of Gloucester sported a dapper green fedora during his visit to  Morocco last week. Today, the Duchess of Gloucester repeated a cuffed black velvet hat with silk bow and the Countess of Ulster wore a veiled pillbox for the opening of parliament today (the Earl and Countess’ son, Lord Culloden, was one of the Queen’s four pages).

Queen Elizabeth arrived for the opening of Parliament in the incredible diamond and pearl George IV Diadem she wears for this event each year (read more about it over at The Royal Collection). She chose not to wear the Imperial State Crown this year- understandable, given its heavy weight. The Duchess of Cornwall sparkled in her go-to Greville tiara (sometimes known as the Boucheron Honeycomb tiara. You can read an excellent history of this tiara here).
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Wonderfully trimmed fedoras in camel, yellow and mustard from British brand John Boyd Millinery

Bold black and cream striped waved discs by Spanish-based British milliner Donna Hartley
Emerald button percher with statement pheasant feather trim by British brand Rebecca Couture Millinery
Beautiful hand draping on this camel felt design (proof beige isn’t always boring!) by British milliner Jane Taylor
Magenta straw bowler with silk brim and ombre ruffled trim by Australian milliner Rachel Henry
Stunning gold beaded halo bandeau headpiece with twist from Australian milliner Marilyn Van den Berg

And from Irish milliner Carol Kennelly, this utterly fantastic black percher with shooting stars.

After last Monday’s announcement that children of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine have been removed from the Royal House of Sweden (along with their HRH titles) and will be free to pursue private lives, was endorsed by both the prince and princess with sharing of new family photos.
Turns out the lovely new photos of Princess Elisabeth, one which was turned into a stamp released on her 18th birthday, were taken by her dad.

Photos from social media as indicated

6 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. First of all, Happy Thanksgiving Hat Queen! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I’m very thankful for your wonderful blog and community.

    Jazmin Grimaldi’s orange fedora is a lovely color. She looks fantastic in the autumnal photo.

    I really like the green fedora on the Duke of Gloucester.

    Lovely to see the Gloucesters at the State Opening of Parliament. Great black hats on the Duchess of Gloucester and the Countess of Ulster. Also, lovely to see The Queen in all her jewelled finery.

    I loved the video of Princess Eugenie and Jack’s wedding. Lovely behind the scenes glimpses of a beautiful day.

    – The Duchess of Cambridge would look lovely in the cream and blush pink curved brim hat with silk flowers from Felicity Northeast.
    – I’m fixated by the stunning, sharp colors on the guinea fowl feathered bandeau headpiece from Neil Grigg. I think it would be an interesting Christmas headpiece (with the right styled coat) for Autumn Phillips.
    – We’ve seen a number of hats with leather in their design lately, and I must say, I love it. The ecru leather percher with beautiful cream velvet orchids by Inna Walker is such a soft, lovely color. I think the Countess of Wessex or Beatrice Borromeo would look amazing in this.
    – What a great navy blue exaggerated trilby from Rachel Trevor Morgan. I would normally see this on Zara Thindall or Autumn Phillips, but Princess Anne would look terrific in this. It’s a style she’s used to, but it’s a bit more modern.
    – Autumn Phillips would look amazing in the emerald button percher with statement pheasant feather trim by Rebecca Couture Millinery. Lovely at Christmas at Sandringham, or even St Patrick’s Day for the Duchess of Cambridge.
    – I love the hand draping on the camel felt design by Jane Taylor. I think Princess Beatrice would look great in this.

  2. Repeating my usual rant about the Japanese photographers not providing better views of the hats! I like Princess Akiko’s wide hatband with piping, but we need to see Princess Hisako’s to study the trim.

    Splendid feather work on the Rebecca Couture percher, and Jane Taylor’s camel felt is indeed stunning.

  3. Attending the State Opening of Parliament must have been a proud if strange occasion for the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. When they last attended in 1998, the Duke was still a member of House of Lords and would have been in his ermine lined robes with the Duchess in evening dress and tiara: quite a transformation from today.
    Embed from Getty Images

    Sadly the photo available shows either the Royal entry or departure and the Duke of Gloucester and Kent are not in their full finery.

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