750th Anniversary of Westminster Abbey

Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Cornwall attended service at Westminster Abbey yesterday to mark the landmark church’s 750th anniversary. pale dove grey with fuchsia trim. For this celebration, the Queen repeated her dove grey silk crepe coat and matching hat with upturned kettle brim and flat crown, trimmed with a wide fuchsia hatband and a large grey ostrich feather.

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While the colour is not my favourite on Her Majesty and I’m not convinced the feather scale is right, I’m struck by the impeccable finishing on the hat- there’s no hint of pucker or visible stitching on the brim binding. It’s beautifully made.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren. 
Previously Worn: Dec 25, 2018

The Duchess of Cornwall gave us a welcome millinery surprise, repeating a pale blue formed beret hat that hasn’t been worn in over a decade. The hat is trimmed with a cascade of blue leaves around the front of the design.

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Camilla wears so many wide brimmed hats that any change in shape or scale is a fun thing to see. This shade of blue is beautiful on her and the leaf trim gives some wonderful lift and dimension to the piece- it makes a great visual statement despite its small footprint. The hat coordinates perfectly with the applique stripes on the ensemble’s coat, making me wonder if the coat was designed specifically for this hat. If it was, we’re likely to see this hat worn more frequently, something I’ll applaud.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: Dec 10, 2007

What do you think of these hats yesterday on their second outings?

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14 thoughts on “750th Anniversary of Westminster Abbey

  1. I rather like the gentle dove-grey colour of Her Majesty’s ensemble – it’s everything that goes with it that is just off! The messy feather, the rosettes and the hatband which don’t seem to be the same colour of fuschia, but most of all that awful braiding on the coat! If the whole outfit were re-thought and re-constructed, it could be a real winner!

  2. I agree with you about the coat hatsoff. I love this blue hat — but the stripes on the coat require a plainer hat, one with simple geometry. The 2007 coat looks so much better with this hat in my view, because it is plain and allows the hat to be the focal point of the outfit.
    Re the placement– it is hard to compare the 2 outings because the pics were mostly taken from above in today’s instance, and below in the 2007 case. I prefer the 2007 placement, but I think the real difference is not the placement – it’s probably the same –but the hairstyle; in 2007 the Duchess’s hair is more upswept, particularly the fringe.
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  3. I love Her Majesty in bright, clear colors. If this had been reversed (fuchsia with grey braid), it would have been much more flattering. As we age, we need to adjust the colors that we wear. As my hair grayed, my hairdresser just frosted it heavier…I was shocked to see a picture of myself in a beige sweater. Just a WALL of beige! We changed my hair color after that, but I still don’t wear beige!

    • Diane, you have beautiful hair – the same shade as Mrs. Jimbo’s hair every 4-6 weeks!
      Every October, for breast cancer awareness, a 65-ish year old man at our church dyes his hair the exact same fuchsia color as the hatband on Queen Elizabeth’s grey hat. It’s a real eye catcher! I’d DIE to have enough hair to DYE!

  4. This is one of the few instances when I dislike a hat and coat worn by the Queen. I agree with you as to the quality of the construction but that’s as far as I’m willing to go. The hat worn by the Duchess of Cornwall is superb. I hope we see it again and/or another one just like it in a different color.

  5. I am confused by the placement of Camilla’s hat , if it was more in the same line of her hair imo it would suit her better, Though a creative hat for me it lacks a unity with her straight lined clothes

  6. Possibly one of my least favourite of HM’s outfits. I don’t like the coat colour, or the fuchsia braiding and I’m afraid the hat does not improve the overall look.
    On the other hand, I love the colour and trim on Camilla’s coat and her hat raises the outfit even higher. A lovely hat, with those oak leaves. I hope we see it again.

  7. I think the addition of the rosettes make this hat look even messier unfortunately, and the larger brooch adds more visuals to compete with everything else going on around the neckline. While not thrilled with it at Christmas, I did find it a fun diversion then, but now I’m disappointed it returned.

    However, Camilla looked great! I wasn’t certain if this was a repeat when I first saw it on Instagram, but it’s nice to see this hat getting another outing, and an improved one IMO. I especially love this outfit (is it Bruce Oldfield?), which pairs amazingly well with this hat, but can easily go with many others she has. Brava!

  8. Ostrich feathers of this size just look sloppy, I’m afraid. When the Queen debuted this at Christmas, I thought that perhaps she had encountered a freak windstorm. I wouldn’t mind a smaller hatband either. Nonetheless, this outfit does at least stand out from most of the Queen’s outfits, even though it’s a less attractive color than normal.
    The Duchess of Cornwall, on the other hand, looks absolutely fantastic. It’s always nice to see her in something other than offwhite. It’s a flattering outfit.

  9. HQ, I agree with you – this pale grey color is not as pleasing on HM as so many other shades which compliment her pretty white hair. The addition of the rosettes on HM’s hat since Christmas really pulls the dress together into the mix – now get rid of the feather. Like the bright pink Royal Ascot ostrich hat which premiered this year, and the green patterned Royal Ascot hat from 2018, they look cluttered and a bit sloppy.
    Camilla’s blue ensemble was very nice – great color for her.

  10. An excellent repeat for the Duchess of Cornwall! It’s a beautiful color for her, the leaves are so perfectly curled and positioned, and the pairing with the tailored coat is just right.

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