Conclusion of Belgian State Visit to Luxembourg

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde concluded their three-day state visit to Luxembourg on Thursday.

For this final day, which saw the royal couple visit the Chambre de Commerce in Kirchberg, nature center and Biodiversum forest in Remerschen, European center of Schengen and farewell ceremony at the Grand Ducal Palace, Queen Mathilde wore a new calot hat in vibrant turquoise felt trimmed with overlapping flat bows draped across the back.

The colour is great, particularly in combination with the grey and mustard yellow in the ensemble. I also think the hat’s scale works well, balancing with the other turquoise accessories which add pops of colour throughout the whole look.

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new

With the green and orange hats worn Tuesday and Wednesday, this turquoise design makes for a trio of brimless hats for Queen Mathilde on this state visit. What millinery marks do you award for this trio?

Photos from social media as indicated 

11 thoughts on “Conclusion of Belgian State Visit to Luxembourg

  1. Queen Mathilde consistently looks elegant and polished! Love, love the turquoise/ mustard combination with that gorgeous plaid, and also admire the orange and gray outfit.

  2. very pretty colors; for some reason, I dislike hats worn to the back of the head. I know that this one is made that way……but for me, it’s just okay. Not fantastic.

  3. Hip hip hooray for this gorgeous hat! not just because it is beautiful — the colour is divine —but because it suits Mathilde to perfection. Her hairstyle is exactly right for this hat too, and the colour blocking through the outfit is terrific. I am dying to see this hat worn again, the sooner the better.
    I was disappointed however to see the one-sleeved blanket poncho teamed with this crisp, punchy, high-energy colour-blocked ensemble. The poncho, with its hairy texture, subdued colours and dominating pattern, embodies an earthy, rural, casual aesthetic which is completely different to the smooth, sharp, urban sophistication of the dress and accessories. Even though the poncho contains a small percentage of threads in the mustard and teal colours of the outfit, there aren’t enough of them to create a colour link between the poncho and the outfit. But remove the poncho, and the outfit would be stellar.
    That said, I actually love this poncho – just not with this hat and outfit. I would like to see the poncho worn with a grey wool sheath dress and suede/ felt accessories in neutrals, to complement the poncho’s main colour scheme.

  4. This is what I want to see more of with royal dressing: more color-blocking and less monochrome outfits! The orange and grey ensemble the other day was divine, and this is so fabulous as well. The teal is perfect for the accessories and for this time of year, especially when played off the mustard and plaid. The final part I loved are the leaves for trim on the hat; much better than a plain hat or one of just ruched material. This hat and the orange one may convert me into a calot fan yet! Brava!

  5. I love the colour of the calot against the mustard and grey and agree that the style of hat is just right, given the rest of the ensemble. A Goldilocks hat, in this case, not too much and not too little … just right! Unfortunately, I’m finding the two asymmetrical hemlines one too many. Keep the rug-like shawl (which looks so cosy) and give the mustard dress a regular hemline. Disclaimer: I’m not a fan of asymmetrical hemlines at any time on anyone so that is definitely colouring my opinion here! Happy to be the odd one out.

  6. Great overall look! There’s so much going on with the asymmetrical mustard skirt, the plaid wrap, and the statement brooch that a more dramatic hat would be too much. This calot has just enough interest to work with all the other components.

  7. I LOVE this calot! The color is so beautiful and the detailing at the back of the hat gives movement and interest. Queen Mathilde’s hair is perfect. I love the pairing of this fantastic color with the mustard yellow. Just a great overall look, and one of my favorite new Royal hats.

  8. She often veers a bit too dowdy, especially given how attractive she is, but this is a lovely outfit! The punches of teal balanced with the gray and mustard plaid and the solid mustard skirt make for a gorgeous and au courant autumn outfit. This hairstyle suits her as well!

  9. Queen Mathilde certainly favors this hat shape be it a bandeau as we saw the first day, a toque on the second day or the calot on the final day. Of the three, the calot is probably my favorite, perhaps because it’s in my favorite color. Does she ever wear picture hats like Queen Maxima? Looking back, I wonder why she opted for black gloves on the first day instead of cognac to go with her shoes and purse?

    I agree with HQ that HGD’s hat, while lovely and whimsical, would have worked better with a slightly larger base.

    I think I have said this before, but I am absolutely thrilled to have found HQ’s blog! I live in the U.S. and SO wish hats were more of a must have accessory here as they are in Europe.

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