Austro-French Royal Wedding Part 2

The wedding of Prince Jean Christophe Napoléon and Countess Olympia von Arco-Zinneberg on Saturday saw many royal faces with numerous extended family members and guests in Paris to celebrate with the couple.

The bride’s mother, Maria Beatrice of Arco-Zinneberg, was born an Archduchess of Austria-Este, the elder sister of Prince Lorenz of Belgium (Archduke of Austria-Este before gaining the title of prince when he married Princess Astrid). As uncle and aunt of the bride, they were in attendance, Princess Astrid in a brimless hat of spiky dark green feathers. Their daughter, Princess Maria Laura, who acted as a witness for her cousin, wore a sparkling bandeau headpiece. Princesses Luisa Maria, Laetitia Maria and Elisabetta (Amadeo’s wife) were also on the guest list but so far, elude photos.

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Archdukes Rudolph, Carl Christian and Simeon of Austria are also Habsburg relatives of the bride through her mother. Archduke Rudoplph’s wife, Archduchess Marie-Helene wore a white saucer trimmed with veil and a figure-8 bow in the same raspberry pink stripe as her silk coat. Archduchess Marie-Astrid topped her royal blue and gold dress with a navy straw saucer based cocktail hat trimmed with a multi-looped silk abaca bow and a swath of dotted navy tulle.

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Archduke Simeon’s wife, Archduchess Maria (née Princess Maria of Bourbon-Two Sicilies) wore a navy straw brimmed hat with voluminous straw overlay on the brim that wrapped around the design as a draped scarf of sorts. They are pictured here with Princess Margaretha and Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein;  Margaretha topped her orange suit in a repeated russet brown straw hat with mushroom brim, trimmed on the side with a straw bow and pouf of dotted tulle.

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Princess Margaretha and Prince Nikolaus’ elder daughter, Princess Maria Anunciata, wore a high halo bandeau headpiece in brilliant emerald green, lavishly trimmed with silk roses and a ruffle of rough-edged straw studded with tiny beads. Her younger sister wore a deep burgundy velvet bandeau (photo below). Their aunt, Princess Isabelle of Liechtenstein, wore a picture hat in champagne straw with wide mushroom brim. The hat’s sheen is spectacular and the repeated use of the wide brim binding also on the hatband gives great balance to the design.

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Much of Luxembourg’s Nassau royal family members were also in attendance. Princess Stephanié, Hereditary Grand Duchess, repeated a circular wrapped headpiece made from overlapping layers of red banana fibre, trimmed with a multi-looped side bow. Princess Claire wore a classic black bandeau trimmed with faux pearls.

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Countess Diane (wife of Prince Jean), wore a tall slice hat of black crin with crown covered in curling pink and black feathers. Jean’s daughter, Princess Marie-Gabrielle, wore a bandeau headpiece covered in varied shades of dusky pink feathers topped with a pink birdcage veil sprinkled with copper sequins.

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Princess Sibilla repeated a wonderful red hat made by Dillon Wallwork. The design features a squared crown covered in the silk crepe, a sidesweeping windowpane straw brim with wide brim edge also in silk crepe, and a wide grey silk hatband with side bow. Also in a British made hat was Princess Beatrice of York in a Julian Garner design described by the milliner as a boater “made out of a fine parasisel straw and is trimmed with hand cut dyed feathers embellished with Preciosa crystals”

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The Greek royal family was represented by Crown Prince Pavlos, Princess Olympia, Prince Michael and Princess Marina. Princess Olympia wore an angular grey-olive bandeau headpiece while Princess Marina donned a black felt fedora with ribbon hatband and kicky upturned brim on one side.

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The Royal House of Hanover was represented by Prince Christian and Princess Alessandra who wore a dark purple bandeau veiled headpiece. The Olympe design from Spanish brand Mimoki features an overlapping double bandeau wrapped in cotton raffia. The Duchess of Bragança topped her blue silk dress and coat with a navy straw arc headpiece trimmed with feathers.

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Princess Tatiana Radziwill wore a red circle headpiece of silk abaca studded with read beads with flying bow tails at the back. Duchess Sophie of Wurtenberg wore a fascinator of bright pink feathers.

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Princess Maria Pia of Savoy wore a pink and grey floral headpiece set on a circle of gathered net tulle veil.  Princess Edouard De Lobkowicz (née Princess Marie Francoise of Bourbon-Parma) wore wonderful throw-back voluminous pillbox covered in curving mint, grey and peach straw leaves.

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The groom’s maternal aunt, Princess Anne Marie of Bourbon Two Sicilies, wore a braided black picture hat with upswept brim on one side, trimmed with a black organdie multi-looped bow and net veil. Her daughter, Dorothée de Bourbon-Siciles, wore a fascinator of neon pink crin, dotted crin and feathers while her daughter-in-law wore a chic black veiled pillbox with bow on the side. 

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Finally, the groom’s maternal uncle, Prince Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies, attended with his glamorous wife and daughters. Princess Camilla’s navy blue straw vertical disc hat is lavishly trimmed with different varieties of feathers in navy and black, large loops of navy crin and crystal-studded windowpane crin on the exposed underside of the raised brim.  Princess Maria Carolina, who served as a witness, topped her orchid purple suit with a magenta straw hat. With a sharply curved ‘slice’ shape, the design is trimmed with pink and black feathers on the lower side of the brim. Princess Maria Chiara wore a tan silk abaca draped hat with pleated crescent, net tulle veil and dark blue organza leaves and lighter blue flowers.

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Numerous more royal guests attended the wedding who, I’m afraid, were not caught by photographer’s lenses. Even so, we do have record of 33 hats and headpieces from this event which we are able to admire. This leads me to ask, dearest readers- which ones stand out to you, most?

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13 thoughts on “Austro-French Royal Wedding Part 2

  1. Kudos to you for a wonderful post! What fun!
    Princess Sibilla’s red brimmed hat and outfit are a knockout to me, even if I secretly think head to toe red is a little much for a wedding.
    My unexpected favourite hat is Princess Marie Anunciata’s tall green bandeau. Now that my eye has become accustomed to the proportions of these bands, I find this one just gorgeous – a saturated deep emerald colour but with some frothy embellishments. Love it.

  2. This event post has been a great read, HQ – what a lot of interesting millinery. It was fun to note that some outfits, (some paired with different hats), had been worn to earlier events such as the Luxembourg wedding of 2012.
    My standouts (top to bottom):
    — Princess Astrid. This green feathered hat suits her so well – her best ever? Bonus points for the Most Fabulous Handbag and Shoes on the day (even if the shoe straps seem to be unravelling). Having now seen these creations, I swear my wardrobe will not be complete without a pair of red velvet shoes trimmed with gold and pearls.
    — Countess Diane’s black slice hat with pink feathers is another standout for its beauty and unusual design. Sadly, the skirt (which the Countess wore to the the Luxembourg wedding in 2012, with a red hat and bag) has been teamed with a jacket and blouse which overwhelm this hat. If they were replaced with a pared-back version of the black jacket and plain top she wore in 2012, this entire outfit could be my favourite..
    — Princess Sybilla, red and grey picture hat. Awesome hat, awesome styling. First class.
    — Princess Olympia. Special mention for choosing a bandeau (olive satin) that truly looks flattering and elegant – not merely trendy.
    — Monique Raimond, in same pic as Duchess Sophie – russet ensemble. This lady is not a royal (shes prominent in the arts and the luxury sector); but what a beautiful and creative outfit she is wearing, the hat included.
    — Princess Edouard, leaf-trimmed mint and peach pillbox, unusual and so flattering on the princess.
    — Princess Anne Marie of Bourbon Two Sicilies. That black slice hat is perfection – and it’s so well styled. The plain and simple outfit allows the hat to take centre stage. Classic.

    • I agree about Countess Diane’s over-fussy outfit. To me, the jacket would be OK with the skirt and hat, minus the decorated and pinkish blouse. A black top would have been much better.

  3. I won’t comment on everyone, but just the ones that truly stuck out to me:
    – Considering some of Astrid’s past wedding looks (two hats, *cough*), this one hits a fine note even with all the patterns, colors, and textures. Brava!
    – Despite the lack of color, Princess Isabelle looks so chic; definitely one of the best-dressed guests. I wonder if her hat is a Delvigne design? It looks similar to a couple Máxima has.
    – Stéphanie’s circlet placement is certainly an improvement over its previous outing, but I still find the modern iterations to be less refined than those from the 1960s.
    – Despite all that’s going on with her outfit, Countess Diane’s hat manages to harmonize very well; certainly not an easy feat!
    – Sibilla was the best-dressed guest IMO. Dillon Wallwork knows how to make an elegant wide brim hat. So stunning, and glad to see this one out again.
    – Princess Beatrice’s boater is wonderful, but these photos don’t show a refined look when it comes to her outfit; I pretty certain with either sans coat or the coat worn properly, it was a fantastic ensemble.
    – The Duchess of Bragança looks quite chic, especially as she often chooses drabs colors; I wish we had a better look at her headpiece, because I’m curious if it really could be worn farther back, or she managed to work it somehow. Also, I like how she and the Duke managed to do yin and yang with the black and blues of their whole ensembles (including the umbrellas!).
    – I love me a good upturned brim, and Anne-Marie of Bourbon-Two Sicilies didn’t disappoint!
    – Finally, the Duchess of Castro was another best-dressed guest. She often a bit exaggerated with her looks, and this time was no less exuberant, but she almost always manages to look well-put together, hat-wise at least. I love how different she looks with and without the coat, but both looks are fantastic. I’m not sold on her daughters’ ensembles, however.

    Thanks HatQueen for putting together a comprehensive look at everyone’s hats! Certainly no easy feat, especially with all these royals and nobles from non-reigning houses.

  4. Agree with mittenmary that this was an epic post Hat Queen! Thank you and well done! You deserve and award for the hard work on this exceptional post!

    I have a few hats that stand out for me:

    – I am digging Princess Astrid’s green feathered hat. It’s so unique and I think it’s brilliant with her beautiful coat. I’m astonished that I love it so much. 🙂
    – Princess Maria Laura’s headpiece is beautiful and it’s perfect with her dress.
    – I love the dress colors on Archduchess Marie-Astrid. I can’t see the headpiece too much, but that blue is so beautiful
    – Wow, does Princess Isabelle of Liechtenstein ever look chic! I love the hat, coat and the fact she wore pants to a wedding. Such a beautiful color as well.
    – what a beautiful green coat on Princess Claire.
    – I love Princess Sibilla’s hat! Gorgeous red, perfect styling and love the unexpected (and brilliant) band of grey. She looks impeccable.
    – I think Princess Beatrice looks wonderful. Beautiful hat in a lovely shade.
    – what a fabulous hat on Princess Anne Marie of Bourbon Two Sicilies! I love the upswept brim and large bow. It’s a perfect hat for Royal Ascot.
    – great group of hats on the Bourbon Two Sicilies ladies. Princess Camilla’s navy blue straw vertical disc is gorgeous and I love Princess Maria Carolina’s magenta straw hat.

    This wedding had a tremendous turnout by Royal hat wearers! I think there’s a lot which will be in Favorite New Hat polls. Thanks again HQ!

  5. Such an epic post, HQ! I don’t know how you managed to identify all these people, explain their royal lineage and how they are related, and THEN analyze the hats. Amazing!

    Among the standouts are two of the femmes d’un certain age: the Dowager Princess Napoléon in the classic veiled pillbox and Princess Edouard De Lobkowicz in that multicolored hat with the interesting textures. I usually think veils on bandeaus look silly, but Princess Alessandra’s purple double bandeau has enough substance to make the veil work.

    I like the shape of the bow on Archduchess Marie-Helene’s saucer, but in the striped fabric, it looks like candy canes. Princess Anne Marie’s black has a great shape.

    Too bad we don’t have a closer view of Princess Beatrice’s boater — those details sound beautiful.

  6. I haven’t had a chance to look properly yet, but just wanted to say thank you for the coverage, HatQueen – it must have taken such a lot of work!

    • Thankfully, some other bloggers (Royal Court Jeweller, Royal Musings) provided some of the relational/family connections. They are complicated here and it was great to have other resources to help!

  7. Great to see all these wonderful hats! My two stand outs, apart from the bride’s mother, are Princess Isabelle’s lovely picture hat and Princess Sibilla’s red and silver grey number. Honourable mentions to Princess Anne Marie’s black hat and the un-described bronze feather fat worn by the lady with Duchess Sophie of Wurttemberg. All larger hats, and fabulous!

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