Dutch Royals Welcome Polish President

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima welcomed President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, and his wife Agata Kornhauser-Duda for a visit to Holland today. For an official welcome ceremony held at Palace Noordeinde in The Hague, Mrs. Duda wore a black felt beret percher with looping buff pink bow while Queen Máxima repeated burgundy velvet calot with black net veil.

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The colour is great on Queen Máxima and the dotted veil overlay gives a surprising amount of depth and texture to the design. I’m not even that bothered by the hat’s pairing with Máxima’s red coat, a combination I’m not usually fond of but that surprisingly works here. Somehow the coat brings out a cherry undertone in the hat, brightening it up.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Oct 17, 2018; March 7, 2018;  Nov 29, 2016

What do you think of this hat today on its fourth outing?

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16 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Welcome Polish President

  1. Sorry for my absence in commenting lately, this has been a very busy time for me IRL.

    I do like this hat on Maxima, particularly with this hairstyle, and agree about the veiling bringing out the color. Regarding the coat, I feel like she must have either been really cold or just didn’t want us to see what was on underneath! Either way, I hated the coat when I first saw it, but have come to like it more as I took more looks at these photos. Though Sandra does make a good point about yet another shade of red intervening in the form of the carpet on the stairs.

    I can’t help but think how intimidating it must be for the wife of an elected official to make an official visit to a country with a monarchy and be compared to (contrasted with) a member of royalty with such a degree of stylists and designers at her disposal. That said, Mrs. Duda looks lovely, and that’s a great hat on her, she did very well.

  2. I love this bright red on Maxima – and reckon it would look even better if she weren’t standing on a red carpet! And I’m swimming against the tide in really liking this coat with its drawstring-like design at the neck. It’s the sort of coat that couldn’t but make you feel snug and happy on a cold, grey day. The close-up of Maxima is gorgeous and I see what HQ means about the colours of the hat being lifted. Mrs Duda looks very smart too and is holding her own here (in the face of some tough competition).

  3. I actually really like this look on Máx. It’s unexpected but to me gives a 1960s vibe that I’m really liking, a really cool update on a duster coat. The colour combo is really well carried through in the accessories too. I see I’m a bit of a lone voice here though. One thing you can always say for Max, she’s never boring!

    • You’ve articulated what I like about it, too! I’m also still in awe of how the red coat lightens the colour of the hat, making it look more vibrant than on previous outings.

    • I like it too, JamesB. The color combination is unexpected but brilliant. I love the neck of the coat, though I think it doesn’t fit quite right, even given the duster vibe.

  4. Oh must say that is an overall miss. The coat collar appears to be choking her resulting in the little hat popping up. Maybe trying too hard . The polish First Lady looks nice but nervous. Maybe it is the cold.

  5. Sorry to say, but Máxima lost the hattery stakes this time. While I’ve like this hat in the past, this outing was not styled well; like Josephine, said, the coat looks like it could strangle her (I was think plastic wrapping twisted at the end of a candy), and it feels so bulky for a day that can’t have been super cold (based on the men not wearing topcoats), not to mention it’s odd she kept it on inside. I do agree the bright red color brings out more of the red tones of this hat.

    Agata Kornhauser-Duda looks quite elegant with her percher cocktail hat, and it looks great with or without the coat. She has worn some good hats in the past, but this ranks as one of my favorite.

  6. I really like Queen Maxima’s hat on this outing, especially (as HQ pointed out) the cherry undertones come out when paired with this coat. I find the calot becomes brighter because of it, however, the coat itself is throwing me off as it looks enormous on Queen Maxima. I’m not sure if a belt would make it work better?

    I love the hat, coat and outfit on Mrs Kornhauser-Duda. The hat is really stylish.

    On a side note, I can’t believe the stamina of the King and Queen. Hosting a visit, whilst coming off the ceremonies in Japan….really remarkable.

  7. Oh dear. I didn’t recognise this hat of Max’s — it looks so average in this outing — yet it was stunning with the marvellous velvet outfit worn previously, along with the gorgeous statement earrings, brooch and long hairstyle. But in this wearing, I feel the soft and subtle textural interest of the hat comes across as untidy, not “strong” enough next to the heavy monolithic expanse of the coat. I think this coat needs a much larger hat with very defined lines to lift the eye upward and away from the statement collar.
    However I adore the Polish First Lady’s hat, and although I will never be on board with the current trend for coats that look like dressing gowns, I find her entire look beautifully harmonised. Her hat also looks lovely with her suit, minus the coat. One of my favourite hats this October!

  8. I like this hat better with the tartan skirt that was originally combined with it.
    I am not a big fan of the colour combination today, and the coat is too much for me as well … it looks like it might try to strangle her 😉

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