Duchess of Sussex’s Christmas Hats

While we’re not going to see the Duchess of Sussex on Christmas Day this year (she, the Duke and young Archie are reportedly spending the holidays with her mother in California), Meghan has made two Christmas Day appearances with the royal family so far:

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images
Copper brown felt brimless design with side twist by Philip Treacy in 2017;
Black felt beret percher with crin bow and navy feathers by Awon Golding in 2018

I’ve always admired Meghan’s first Christmas Day hat- it’s such a bold shape for her first public hatted event and the colour was wonderful against her complexion. I’m not brave enough to carry off a hat such as this and I so admire that she did.

Photos from Getty as indicated

4 thoughts on “Duchess of Sussex’s Christmas Hats

  1. Meghan’s first royal hat appearance remains in my top 3 for her. It was unexpected while remaining subdued, and styled so well; despite being in the beige/brown spectrum (not my favorite colors), it was stunning, and has gotten even better for me as time goes on.

    The whole ensemble of 2018’s Christmas look was a bit dark for my tastes, but the hat is probably my favorite blue hat so far for Meghan.

    I’m a little disappointed this won’t be the year we get a third great Christmas hat from Meghan, but I’m glad they get a break and spend time with her mother.

  2. I love these 2 hats, as I do virtually every one of the Duchess’ hats to date.
    The exaggeration in the shape of the crown of the brown hat is for me typical of Treacy — I see the same exaggeration tendency in many of his hats, such as the big ones for Camilla. Treacy seems to love a classic hat shape, but he also seems to like to take classic proportions and tweak them just a bit out of the norm. There’s a fine line between bringing a fresh approach to a classic, and distorting the appeal of the original concept, and I feel Treacy walks that line with aplomb more successfully than many. But I’m looking forward to see which, if any, of the Duchess’ hats to date she will continue to like, and to keep in rotation, as time moves on.

  3. The brown hat was a surprising choice as it is quite bold. The color was fabulous on her and it was very fashionable. Seeing that on her, I expected some avant garde choices from her as part of the Royal Family. She looks great in the black/navy/white hats she normally favors, but I’m waiting for the color. Her navy Christmas 2018 hat was great, but can you imagine that hat on her in a red, burgundy, or emerald green? I think she would look outstanding. I do agree with ROZ that her best hat was the white and black Treacy from Ascot 2018 – very flattering and fabulous!

  4. sorry. even though i am big fan of Duchess Meghan, i did not like her brownish mushroom hat from her first Christmas at Sandringham, although i loved the spiral thing on it. had she worn it somewhat tilted to her left, i would have liked it better. as is, it looked like it just PLOPPED onto her head. my favorite Meghan hat is still the white & black she wore to Ascot 2018.

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