Zara Tindall’s Christmas Day Hats

The hats worn by the Queen’s eldest granddaughter, Zara Phillips Tindall, during racing season are always ones to watch. Today, we’re taking a look back at all the hats she has worn on Christmas Day:

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Floppy brimmed velvet hats (very popular at the time!) in green and grey in 1994 and 1996

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Oversize felt cloches (also stylish at the time!) in dark grey and ecru in 1998 and 2000

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Fuzzy exaggerated black trilby in 2001; Tall crowned chocolate design with velvet trim in 2002

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Chocolate brimmed cap in 2003; Brown leather informal design in 2004 

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Plum fedora with metal trim in a modern motif in 2006; Fuchsia felt hugger with statement bow by Philip Treacy in 2008

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Black felt oversize mod beret in 2009; Grey felt percher with ruffle and striped quills by Karen Henriksen in 2011

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Caramel felt ruched percher by Karen Henriksen in 2012;
Red felt button percher with pheasant feathers by Rachel Trevor Morgan in 2013

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Purple beret percher with bronze-backed flying leaf trim by Sarah Cant in 2018

This shows a considerable evolution in style that closely follows millinery trends of the time (and, I suspect in the case of the casual leather hat in 2004, a reflection of her gap year in Australia in 2003?!). The looks become increasingly sophisticated, although that fuchsia statement hat in 2008 remains a favourite of mine that I think would look as fresh and bold today as it did eleven years ago. What stands out to you in Zara’s Christmas Day hats here?

23 thoughts on “Zara Tindall’s Christmas Day Hats

  1. Too many good ones to single out! but I have to agree, that 2008 fuschia hugger with the twist bow is the gold standard for hats in this style.
    I’ve found this pic of Zara dated December 26, 2004; and as December 26 was a Sunday, the royals would have gone to church 2 days running, hence 2 hats for that year’s Christmas. And there must be more instances of Christmas falling on a Saturday, meaning back-to-back church services and therefore more hats to enjoy!
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. HatQueen – Would the 2002 chocolate design be the same hat that the then Sophie Rhys-Jones wore to the decommissioning of the Royal Yacht Britannia in December 1997?

    • Interesting question- I’ve attached a photo of Sophie below. They appear to be very similar (if not the same hat!)- maybe Sophie passed the hat to Zara? Great catch!

      Embed from Getty Images

  3. A fascinating retrospective.

    Hat Queen, you have described the 2008 hat as a ‘hugger’. I’m unfamiliar with this style. What are its characteristics and how is it distinguished from a percher.

  4. 2011 and 2012 are intriguing. I don’t recognize the milliner’s name as one of the usual suspects. The grey with the ruffle is a little out there, but the caramel is kind of interesting. I’m joining the chorus on the 2008 fuschia. Doesn’t anyone else like the 2008 plum fedora? Great color and trim!

    Thanks again for this fun series, HatQueen!

  5. Wow this is all over the place! 1998’s cloche is a good shape, but it suffers from its era’s styling, while 2000’s suffers from its era’s love of oversized hats. 2001 is nice, but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it had been pulled from Anne’s closet. 2008’s is the true winner for me and remain devastated it hasn’t been repeated. 2011’s cocktail hat is runner up; I love the ruched “bow” and the Beetlejuice chopsticks. 2013 and 2018 are both nice, yet the bases seem too small for Zara’s face IMO. I wonder if we’ll see Zara again this year; I didn’t realize she was absent from this event so much in recent years.

    • I have to agree that the more recent bases look disproportionately small for Zara. Too bad, since they are stunning pieces. It’s funny to see the evolution from oversized to undersized!

  6. 2013 and, oddly enough, 2000 are my favourites, though there are plenty of good looks here. I’m impressed by how quickly she moved into an assured adult style – navigating the transition to adulthood isn’t easy in the best of circumstances!

  7. Zara Tindall is so fearless with her hat styles. I love the evolution depicted in all these photos. My favorites are:
    – the 1985 hooded cape. This is a stunner!
    – red felt button percher 2013
    – the style of the caramel ruched percher from 2012 is fabulous on Zara.
    – chocolate brimmed cap from 2003. She looks so chic in this!

  8. Not quite a hat, Zara wore a sweet hooded cape for Christmas Day in 1985
    Embed from Getty Images

  9. Some of these hats are meant for warmth and protection, and some are primarily worn as a fashion statement. Do Royal hat wearers choose their hat/ensemble according to the weather conditions before going out, as many of us undoubtedly do?
    Even though it’s black, one of my favorites is 2001, but 2013 is the winner, followed by 2006.

    December 25,1982: St. George’s Chapel, Windsor
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Great photo, Jimbo, however, I believe the little girl in the tam is Lady Rose Windsor, who was born in March 1980 (making her nearly 3 years old here). Her sister Davina and Peter were both born in 1977 and this little girl looks younger. In 1982, Zara was less than a year old.

  10. I love her style, mainly because its unexpected! I also love the fuschia and I think one of the reasons it works is the fringe.

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