Danish Queen Opens Hospital Wing

Queen Margrethe officially opened the new North Wing at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen yesterday. For this event, she wore a new ensemble and hat in denim blue. Covered in the same finely woven wool as her jacket, the hat features a low-profile rounded crown and moderate sidesweeping brim. The hatband and side bow are in the same checked tweed as this ensemble’s skirt.

It’s a great shape, proportion and colour on Margrethe, and I particularly like how the hat is designed to be worn at a jaunty angle. It is beautifully executed (no stitch or pucker to be found) and while I usually prefer hats in different materials to the clothing they are paired with, this look feels more coordinated and less overly matched, I think, thanks to the two fairly muted fabrics.  Jump over to this gallery for some better photos and views of this design.

Designer: Mathilde Thoe Førster
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Mathilde Thoe Førster started making hats for Queen Margrethe last year and has produced some beautiful pieces. Most milliners don’t provide behind-the-scenes peeks at royal hats, and I greatly appreciate that she does! What do you think of this addition to Queen Margrethe’s millinery wardrobe?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

10 thoughts on “Danish Queen Opens Hospital Wing

  1. You are right HatQueen, the subdued blues of this outfit make it appear less matchy-matchy, at least at a distance. Overall this is a great new addition to Margrethe’s hat collection, but I wish a little more had been done with the trim instead of just a simple bow that doesn’t even extend beyond the hatband (looks like Margrethe added a couple of pearl-end hatpins to spice things up though).

  2. My 1st impression of this new ensemble was rather middle-of-the-road . . . a great shape and size with a rather mediocre color.
    My 2nd impression, after seeing it in conjunction with the magnificent architectural display: PERFECTION! The queen took back seat to the rich, cheerful tapestry of the hospital, much like the hat-less British Royal Family invariably did when stepping out of Clarence House to celebrate the Queen Mum’s birthday. If I ever need to be hospitalized, I hope I’m in Copenhagen!

  3. What a nifty new hat! I agree that, with the subtle colors, it does not look overly matched to the ensemble. The shape and angle look just right for Margrethe. Hoping we see more new Mathilde Thoe Førster designs during the upcoming 80th birthday events. Cheers to queens keeping it fresh with new milliners and milliners who share photos of their construction!

    If it’s not revealing too much of your magic, HatQueen, may I ask whether there was a formal acknowledgment from Mathilde Thoe Førster, or did you ID the hat on Margrethe after recognizing it from Instagram?

    And there’s more to admire in this post since the new hospital wing is stunning. That staircase — wow! Judging by the sparkle visible in the video, it must be mosaic. How cheering for patients and visitors!

  4. The photos in this entry are outstanding Hat Queen! I love the second photo in the first slideshow. What a beautiful architectural design in the new wing of the Rigshospitalet. The colors on the staircase are sensational! I want that in my dream mansion.
    The photos of the hat being made is so interesting for us hat admirers. I love watching how things are made, so this glimpse of the hat being pinned is just wonderful!
    As for the actual hat, it is lovely. As you say, it has no pucker or visible stitch. It’s a real beauty, especially when we can admire it up close.

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