Imperial New Years Poetry Reading 2020

Members of the Imperial Royal Family attended the annual New Years poetry reading yesterday at the Royal Palace in some colourful and interesting hats.

Crown Princess Kiko repeated a mint green silk covered bumper hat, trimmed with a diamond of the same woven lattice silk as the bodice of her gown.  Princess Mako repeated a pale, ice blue silk floral jacquard covered calot hat with narrow, upturned, cuffed brim. Princess Kako repeated a royal blue silk bumper hat with beaded edge on the top of the upturned brim.

Princess Nobuko wore a new apricot silk covered bumper hat studded with tiny sparkle beads. The silk on the bumper brim is covered in bias stripes, giving a subtle diagonal movement to the design. Princess Akiko topped her cornflower blue gown with a matching hat. The hat’s button crown is covered in what looks like appliqued silk in the same hue, and a slim bumper brim circles the design.

Princess Hisako repeated hat with saddle shaped brim covered in cream silk and an avocado green narrow crown embellished with the same applique cutouts as on her coordinating gown. Green silk flowers and leaves cascade from below the brim’s raised back – a design feature I don’t recall seeing before on a royal hat. Princess Tsuguko also had a new headpiece in teal, gold and taupe with peach silk roses.

This event usually shows us some of the most colourful and memorable Imperial royal hats of the year and yesterday did not disappoint! Which ensembles stand out to you most here?

Photos from social media as indicated

9 thoughts on “Imperial New Years Poetry Reading 2020

  1. Another appearance of the ”football team of Princesses in prim hats”! Agreed with all about the stunning lapel detail on Masako’s jacket, which would carry over beautifully to a hat design. Very interesting use of the woven look on Kiko’s bumper — just a small section, not the entire crown.

    Hisako’s hat is baffling. I appreciate her as one of the more adventurous of the Imperial hat-wearers, but this reads as eccentric to me.

    Once again, I’m noticing that hats worn far forward (on Nobuko, Akiko, and Hisako) and wonder if it’s Michiko’s style influence.

  2. I love the pleats on CP Kiko’s dress and hat. Such lovely craftsmanship.
    The sparkle and color of Princess Nobuko’s hat are stunning. I do wish she wore a softer hairstyle, but the hat is so elegant.
    I’m really admiring the subtle details and incredible craftsmanship on the Imperial ladies’ hats. Thank you HQ for the amazing closeups so we can see the lovely details.

  3. Another gorgeous Masako dress calling out for a hat! More prayers being sent to the hat gods. 😉

    While the Akishinos were all repeats again, these have not been repeated as often (at least I don’t think so), and seeing some color on Kiko is always a good thing. Overall though they stick to usually being elegant but quite subdued.

    I like the color and detailing on Nobuko’s hat, but I don’t care for her very severe hairstyle. Akiko’s hat is another stunner for her; good shape, great details, and beautiful color for her.

    Good catch Avery on the repeat for Hisako; I had forgotten this one! Overall I like it, except for the fact it sits straight over her face; tilting it a bit to the side would improve the look even more IMO. Interesting Tsuguko went with another small headpiece, but I’m glad this one is more visible and could go with other outfits; she always has great hairstyles and nice to see her with her hair usually down.

  4. I have just started appreciating Princess Nobuko’s hats and looks. She does not have the range of Princess Hisako but the colors and embellishments are always lovely. Princess Tsuguko continues to stand out not just for the headpieces but also for her hairstyles at these formal events. The video of the poetry reading was wonderful to watch.

  5. Empress Masako’s orange dress is lovely, interesting one-lapel design and sparkling edges.
    Akishino princesses – ok, not much to say. I’m glad the lattice trim was added to Crown Princess Kiko’s bumper hat.
    Princess Nobuko: pretty apricot color and sparkle
    Princess Akiko: nice especially the darker blue color as she has several pastel and white court dresses+hats
    Princess Hisako: I adore your descriptions. I would have no idea how to describe Princess Hisako’s hat which I think is repeat from the 1st Daijosai banquets.
    Princess Tsuguko: Amazing! The teal and not-pearl jewelry elevated her look.

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