This Week’s Extras

Princess Beatrix in a black straw hat with embellished bumper brim last Wednesday at the funeral of Infanta Pillar
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On January 31st, Princess Nobuko and Princess Hisako visited the 69th Kanto Tokai Flower Exhibition at Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan in Tokyo. Princess Nobuko wore a black brimmed hat while Princess Hisako donned a gey felt Pork pie-crowned design with rolled brim and burgundy hatband
Chic grey felt boater hat on Princess Hisako today to open the 2020 Tokyo Tableware Festival
Queen Elizabeth in a familiar blue felt hat with feather flowers by Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren, to attend St. Peter and St. Paul church this morning in West Newton near Sandringham
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The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Lilac lace covered button percher with silk flowers by Irish milliner Teresa Nugent
Black straw saucer with lovely swirling blush floral trim from British milliner Justine Bradley-Hill
Burgundy felt folded design with button trim by German millinery Angelika Löbering
Pink straw wide-brimmed hat with statement polka dot bow by Florida-based AmyJo Original Hats
Black featherpercher with quill twist and red feather hearts by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Beret percher wrapped in ombre orange organdie ribbon with bows by British milliner Dillon Wallwork
And this wonderfully elegant grey straw design with rolling wave cuffed brim, veil, feather quill twist and diamante bumble bees from Australian milliner Rachel Henry

Lovely new portrait released by the Dutch court to celebrate Princess Beatrix’s 82nd birthday
Sweet snap from the Monaco Royal Palace balcony during the Sainte Devote Ceremony last Monday
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20 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Better photos of Princess Hisako at Tableware Festival 2020 on February 2

  2. In general, I don’t care for percher style hats but I really like the orange ombre hat. Maybe its because it is bright and cheerful and our weather has grey and dreary.

  3. Thank you, everyone, for your wishes for my mum (she LOVES her new moniker!) She was released from hospital over the weekend and is resting well at home. I stepped away from here for a few days to concentrate on preparing for her transition home. I’ll be back here in a more regular way this week- thank you for your patience during this time. This morning over breakfast, Hat Queen Mother (!!) and I found some fantastic hats to include in next weekend’s roundup. It’s going to be a great list!

  4. Best of health wishes to your mother, Hat Queen.

    I really like Princess Beatrix’s hat. I’m not overly fond of her signature style, but the embellished bumper brim is lovely. I might even vote for this on a Hat Poll!

    I really like Princess Hisako’s burgundy and grey porkpie hat. Her entire outfit, right down to that gorgeous brooch, is sublime. I appreciate the hats and outfits of the Japanese Imperial Family more and more. Everything is simple and perfect.

    – such a gorgeous black felt beret percher with gold windowpane crin twist by Aoife Harrison. The model looks like Lady Kitty Spencer, so I know it would look lovely on her.
    – I agree with mittenmary that the red straw saucer with feathers and hovering butterflies by Suzanne Couture Millinery is reminiscent of Princess Haya’s gorgeous hats. It would look perfect on her, or the Countess of Wessex at Ascot.
    – I like the suede and wire contrast on the Fischkopp Hats. Someone with great confidence could pull this off. Maybe Beatrice Borromeo
    – The lilac lace covered button percher with silk flowers by Teresa Nugent is so ethereal. It would be so delicate for a wedding. Maybe Lady Louise at Princess Beatrice’s upcoming nuptials.
    – I love the black and blush on the saucer from Justine Bradley-Hill. It’s a lovely Ascot hat. I think it would be so pretty on Princess Beatrice.
    – There’s no link for the pink straw wide-brimmed hat with statement polka dot bow by Florida-based AmyJo Original Hats. I just went to her instagram and WOW! Such beautiful, fun designs! I could see Princess Haya in most of these. The one that caught HQ’s eye though is made for Camilla. Further down is a navy and white polka dotted hat with red bow. So divine. Beatrice Borromeo would look amazing in that one.
    – I love love love the black featherpercher with quill twist and red feather hearts by Australian milliner Jill Humphries. Actually is there any Jill Humphries design I don’t like? I can’t see this on a Royal Head, but I would think of the Delevingne sisters at Princess Beatrice’s wedding would look fabulous in it.
    – The Rachel Henry grey rolling wave straw design with veil is so gorgeous. With a fabulous hairstyle, this would be lovely on mother of the bride, Sarah, Duchess of York.

  5. Like mcncln, I hope that the HatQueen Mother continues to improve!

    Two very good hats for Hisako, and the sage-green suit is perfection.

    It’s very cheering to see the spring hats! I want someone — anyone — to wear the Anne Tomlin percher, perhaps for Easter? The Suzanne Couture Millinery red makes me think of Princess Haya’s Ascot appearances. Come to think of it, Justine Bradley-Hill‘s black with blush would suit her, too. But the Rachel Henry grey is my favorite of the week.

  6. HQ, I do hope your mother is continuing to do well. Thank you for another round of great hats.
    Top marks to Princess Beatrix for a different take on her favourite style. An outstanding hat which completes her sophisticated look.
    Princess Hisako: while the colours are a bit dull for her, this hat is just so right and really adds punch to her wonderful look. I love to see hat styles which are not “popular” these days worn so well.
    HM: I am very fond of this hat, (though I hope the ding in the crown can be sorted out). I used to think the trim was rather… average, but I appreciate now how well it works with the dress pattern, those complex buttons, and the white detail of the brooch. Delightful.

  7. I was a little surprised to learn Beatrix attended the funeral of Infanta Pilar, which I assumed would be a more intimate affair; Beatrix’s hat was beautiful. I also saw Margarita Gómez-Acebo, wife of Simeon II of Bulgaria and cousin to Pilar’s husband Don Luis, wore a hat:
    Embed from Getty Images
    . . . and Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza (wife of Karl, Archduke of Austria) wore a simple bow fascinator and her daughter Archduchess Eleonore wore a practical, but stylish cloche; I wonder if Eleonore is a goddaughter of Pilar as one of Eleanore’s middle names is Maria del Pilar.
    Embed from Getty Images

    It’s been a minute since we’ve seen this blue hat on HM; such a long minute that I had in fact forgotten about it. Unfortunately it’s not a repeat I was hoping for, but HM obviously loves it.

    The Aoife Harrison black beret cocktail hat was also a favorite of mine. If you go to her Instagram profile page, she has an IG stories series featuring good deals on some of her hats; unclear if she’ll ship outside of Ireland, but always worth DMing her if you’re interested (50 euros is a great deal!)

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