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I need to step away from Royal Hats for a few weeks. After making a remarkable recovery from a health crisis and several surgeries, my mother unexpectedly passed away yesterday.  She was incredibly touched by your well wishes for her recovery- after all we hear that is negative on the internet, she was amazed that strangers from around the world took the time to write her a message of encouragement. She was also absolutely delighted with the nickname you gave her- Hat Queen Mother – and would issue me a royal wave whenever she felt particularly regal (daily, it seemed!), citing her new title as justification to do so. This new moniker gave her great joy over the last few weeks and for this, I thank you so very much.

My mom was a talented amateur seamstress and I grew up at the foot of her sewing machine. I can identify fabric types, interesting construction details (and shoddy workmanship!) thanks to her tutelage and while she never commented here, her voice was woven into our conversations simply because it’s ingrained in my own perspective. She checked Royal Hats each morning, gently scolded when there was not a new post (or a feature of a hat she didn’t think warranted one!) and looked forward to Ascot more than anyone. She was my biggest fan and I can’t express how much I will miss her.

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Over the coming days, I’ll post open posts for you to comment on (and share any hats that make an appearance) while I’m away. See you in a few weeks. And thank you.

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104 thoughts on “Personal Note

  1. Dear HatQueen , I hope that you , and your family are doing as well as might be expected during this distressing time . I hope that the many wonderful memories that your own Queen Mum has left your family are sustaining you through this period . We lost our own Mother just over 17 years ago , however the memories / principles ,she left have guided my sisters , and myself during these years . Your own memories will , I know continue to be a source of strength , and inspiration in the years to come . Again the thought’s , and prayres of all your follower’s are with you , and your family .

  2. I am so sorry to read about the passing of your mother. She sounds like a remarkably talented woman. May you find some comfort and peace in this mourning period.

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