Dutch State Visit To Indonesia Day 1

King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia yesterday for a four-day state visit.

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The visit officially kicked off today with a welcome at the Bogor Presidential Palace in West Java by President Joko Widodo and his wife Iriana and visits to a Dutch cemetery and Pipiltin chocolate factory. For this program of events, Queen Máxima wore a new calot hat formed from overlapping crescent shapes made of textured golden brown straw.

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The Dutch queen wears warm neutral shades so well and this hat’s hue pairs well with her printed silk georgette dress. It’s the shape that I’m not sure works- from some angles, it close-fitting scale and shape take on a helmet vibe and I wonder if the flowing lines of the dress might work better with a brimmed hat.

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Designer: unconfirmed. Fabienne Delvigne has made several similar shaped designs. Dress by Natan
Previously Worn: This hat is new

I’m curious, dear readers- what do you think of Queen Máxima’s new hat?

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21 thoughts on “Dutch State Visit To Indonesia Day 1

  1. Coconut indeed!
    I really wonder who made this hat. On closer inspection it looks as if the two bandeau shapes were blocked on the grain (oh horror!) instead of on the bias, a beginners mistake. You can see slight wobbles on the surface of the straw. And whoever made this, probably did not do a proper fitting on the Queen, or what were they thinking?

  2. I like the hat, actually, although with this dress a larger brimmed hat might have worked better. I must say, though, that the King looks very good in a beard!

  3. Nope. In addition to everything already noted, this has a costume-y vibe, as though she’s being outfitted as a flapper by an inept designer. One of her slice hats would have been much better.

    But that fourth slide in the third gallery is a treat: I’m imagining that cloth getting transformed into something special for Max — remember that gorgeous pink gown made from sari fabric?

  4. Although the colour is different the style with the hair instantly made me think of Oompa Loompas from the Wizard of Oz. I also felt the leather accessories were too heavy for the dress. I liked the dress, but would have liked it even better with a level hemline. So this is a complete miss for me, sorry.

  5. Agree the hat is too different. The dress is lovelyespecially the colouring but does not need the belt. Oh well things happen.

  6. I agree. Although the color is nice the shape is not. The front facing picture is not at all flattering; the hair style may be partially to blame. A rare miss for Queen Maxima.

  7. Oh my, I literally groaned when I saw this. The color scheme is good, but this helmet-esque design with the odd hairstyle is just bad. She has a beautiful slice hat in this toasty color that would’ve been a great choice.

    • It seems to me the hairstyle is a take on 1920s finger waves, which might also be a time reference for the hat. But agreed- not sure the pieces work but the styling doesn’t help. Except for those aquamarines…

  8. Talk about a fashion disaster from someone who rarely mucks it up! Dress doesn’t match hat, belt and gloves are too “ heavy” for this “light, flowing” dress. Even the jewellery choices are wrong. She shouldn’t wear this “hat” again – it does absolutely nothing for her.

    • Maybe the gloves were a late addition to minimize health risk? Whatever the case, I agree, they don’t pair well with the delicately light silk georgette dress

  9. Ohhh, I’m not loving this. There’s such a lot going on, the high neckline, fussy hairdo and then the strange lines of the hat. It’s looks like it’s on the wrong way round. A much cleaner hat and sleeker hairstyle are what’s needed with this dress.

  10. I don’t feel I can really evaluate this hat because of how it is being worn. The rounded “helmet” crown and the V-shaped front edge, which reminds me of a turban, are so unusual –too bad they are lost and confused amid the queen’s wavy hairstyle; and that fussy turtleneck isn’t helping. I feel the hat’s very simple shapes require a very simple pared-back hairstyle. Duchess Meghan would know exactly how to wear this hat.
    These 2 hats of Maxima’s (both from 2017) are the nearest in style I could find to the new hat- both are worn with plainer hairstyles: Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

    • Agreed. I’d really like to see this worn with a minimal hairstyle before passing judgement on it. Although I can say that I never like that color on Maxima.

  11. The colours of the dress and calot are gorgeous, but the shape of this hat seems a mistake for Queen Máxima and even an elaborate hairstyle can’t save it. It is too small for her and doesn’t fit her head and frame her face as it should.
    A missed opportunity.

  12. The colour works very well with her outfit, the texture is nice, but I don’t like the shape so much, and I am not sure it suits Maxima’s face so well. I would like to see it worn by different women to get a better idea, because the shape is so unusual.

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