Monday Multiples: Queen Máxima

We have seen Queen Máxima step out twice so far in a pleated fabric (likely silk crepe) Fabienne Delvigne turban. The hat, on its own, makes a significant style statement but, as always, this statement is impacted by the outfit it is paired with and Queen Máxima  has paired this turban with two very different ensembles:

Look #1: With a red caped dress worn March 20, 2015 on a visit to Germany

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: With an electric blue silk long sleeve blouse and white multicolour tiered skirt )reminiscent of a decorated Easter egg!) by Claes Iversen on an October 16, 2018 day visit to Zeeland. 

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Which ensemble do you think works best with this hat?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

16 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Queen Máxima

  1. I’m not very fond of turbans as a type, but I think this is a very successful hat in that it takes on the “tone” of the outfit it’s worn with. Both of these are successful looks in my opinion. And while on the whole I think hair down produces a much less formal look, actually the all-red outfit still manages to be convincingly formal because of the accessories and overall look. The second look is less formal because of the clearly playful colour palette. But the hat works well with both, and I think the hair-down version is really unexpectedly (as far as I’m concerned) attractive.

  2. I love the classic feel of the first all red look. Having her hair down gives it a softness, and overall I think it is a much classier and sleek look.

  3. Agree with SoCal Gal and Jimbo on the the multicolored dress and hair up choice. Maxima looks very chic with her hair up, and sometimes less so with her hair down.

  4. I agree, again, with Jimbo and vote for hair up and the multicolored outfit. The red just sets off the skirt and heels and adds balance to her ensemble that is pleasing to my eye. I also prefer hair up or to the side with a turban. Viva la difference!

  5. October 1, 2014:
    Embed from Getty Images

  6. I like the hat with both dresses, but agree with the majority so far, in preferring the all red look and that it suits her best with her hair down. I also like the way the draping of the hat echoes the drapes of the dress.

    • You said what I was thinking about the draping of the hat echoing the drapes of the first red dress! Thank you! So, my preference is the red hat with red dress, but I like her in the hat with her hair up instead of down. She’s beautiful either way, I just love this look when her hair is up.

  7. My vote goes to the multi-colored ensemble with hair up. Just days before this was worn, she wore it with yet another dress. This 3rd outfit may be my favorite of all! It doesn’t seem as big in the back here, so could it be a different hat?

    October 11, 2018
    Embed from Getty Images

      • Sorry, HatQueen, and maybe my last entry is wrong, too. Feel free to make them go away, even though I can’t help but wonder why Max would have two, so very similar hats.

        • I think they are slightly different shades, made to match with specific ensembles. I’m guessing the hat featured in this post was made to go with the red dress. The two photos you shared, the hat is a slightly more orange-red.

  8. I like it with the brightly coloured outfit. There’s a lot going on for sure but it picks out the red colour well. Only Máx would even attempt this combo and get away with it!

  9. The asymmetrical shape sets this hat apart from a traditional turban and as HatQueen has stated, gives it a strong fashion “punch” all on its own, but I do agree with Barbara that it looks better on Máxima with her hair down and also therefore agree that the red dress is the better look.

    In addition, I’m not sure I like a red hat at all with the second dress. It has so many colors in it that I’m sure any color hat could have been worn, but I feel like the red stripe is too far down to have been chosen. I would have preferred a blue or a white hat with this dress.

  10. The red hat is entirely appropriate with both outfits, and she looks stunning either way. I do think that I prefer it with her hair down, so the red dress is my favorite.

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