Hat From the Past

Royal Hats 73 years to this day in 1947 and a trio of most memorable plumed and flower trimmed royal hats worn on a visit to South Africa.

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11 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I wonder why the King is carrying his hat instead of wearing it. I like the (then) Queen’s hat best of the three ladies’ hats – it’s got a nice strong line without being in any way stark 🙂

    • Great pics and video find Jimbo!
      I’m late in replying and quite behind on my Royal hats catch-up as I have limited time at the computer these days — which is probably not a bad thing ha ha. I’m sharing my tiny living space with my son and his girlfriend, who got stuck here in the lockdown 2 months ago, they won’t have a flight out for a few weeks more. My life at the moment is very different!
      The princesses’ hats are incredible, particularly that veiling garland that Elizabeth has draped in front of her neck. That was quite a thing in those days, but it looks very strange from today’s perspective.

  2. I’m not so sure about the girls’ hats, but as a fan of 1940’s clothing styles I love their dresses and shoes. Just wish this was in color!

  3. The Queen Mother’s plumed hat is quite extraordinary and looks great on her! I’m less enamored with the Princesses’ hats, but 1940s millinery was really hit and miss for my personal tastes (although I did always appreciate the milliners’ creativity of that decade). Unfortunate the King is only holding his fedora and not wearing it, but it looks like a good one!

  4. I’m calling it “postwar exuberance” and also the extravagance of a royal tour. Nobody would miss them in a crowd!

  5. The post war period has some very peculiar hats , was it the lack of materials due to rationing and destruction or was it just a time of rather ugly designs?

    • You raise a very good point regarding possible shortage of materials, diddleymaz, that I never thought of before. Because wasn’t it also the case that then-Princess Elizabeth received donated ration cards from around the country in order to acquire enough silk to make her wedding dress? I recall reading that, but never knew if it was true or an urban legend. I wonder if also during that time there were many more basic hats with the embellishments changed rather than entirely new hats each time, for the same reason.

      • I have read in several biographies that she got a lot of ration cards but returned them as it was against the law to use cards issued to others. I like the hats but you may be right that they were re-trims of older hats. There is a photo of QEII when she was about 18 wearing an evening gown that originally belonged to her mother. I do find the 1940’s shoes to be rather clunky though I generally like the fashions.

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