Dutch Monarchs At Remembrance Day

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima attended Dutch National Remembrance Day ceremony yesterday as they do every year on May 4. As in Denmark, the event took on particular poignancy with this also being the 75th anniversary of liberation and the visually arresting view of an empty Dam Square.

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For this event, Queen Máxima wore a simple black felt fedora hat with relaxed brim. The design is trimmed only with a ribbon hatband, and was anchored with a large pair of pearl hatpins.

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It’s a streamlined look for Queen Máxima that carries a sense of gravitas fitting to this event. Máxima always wears black for Remembrance Day and while I was initially surprised with the choice of a fedora, it provides a strong, streamlined millinery look for a somber event (perhaps more somber this year than others) where fashion simply needs not to be a primary focus. Jump over to the Dutch Monarchy page here to read King Willem-Alexander’s thoughtful speech. 

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new. 

What do you think of Queen Máxima’s look, and her new hat, for Remembrance Day yesterday?

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7 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs At Remembrance Day

  1. A poignant occasion, all the more so in the absence of crowds.

    And fascinating as always to see what different opinions the same outfit prompts! I suppose Maxima’s outfit is quite simple, but streamlined is not a word that would ever have occurred to me in relation to it. I have to say from my point of view, this is one of the least impressive outfit-to-occasion matches I remember Maxima wearing, it seems flappy and undignified, partly because this type of event is the most formal in a royal calendar, and (again, to me) a fedora is not a formal hat.

  2. The king’s speech was moving, touching straight from the heart. Spoken by a human being, not a royal. The best ever. With the silence and the nearly empty space it was impressive, indeed.

  3. I would not have paired a fedora with this outfit, but Máxima pulls it all together for a chic, yet somber, look.

  4. Queen Máxima’s outfit was fitting and so was her hat, stripped as it was of any form of frivolity.

    It is the first time I believe, a Dutch monarch has held a speech on the day of Remembrance of the Dead, as we call it. There are fewer people left each year who have lived through the war and it is important we should remember the dreadful things that happened here and the countless innocent victims.
    75 Years after the events, as a country, we are trying to come to terms with a past that was not only heroic. I think the King (my King) spoke bravely.
    Sometimes there are things more important than millinery.

  5. I thought Queen Maxima’s outfit and hat fit the engagement maybe the best she has ever done. The hat fit the outfit very well. The King’s speech was very moving. Well done!

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