This Week’s Extras

Disappointing news that after 28 years, Danish milliner Susanne Juul closed up shop at the end of March. She is responsible for many of Crown Princess Mary’s beautiful hats and I’m so disappointed we won’t see more of her work
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Striking, sleek and beautifully executed white pinok pok straw saucer hat by Scottish milliner Maggie Mowbray
Sunny yellow straw bandeau trimmed with fantastically realistic silk dandelions by British milliner Angharad Rose
Charming summer hat of ecru and grey vintage woven straw with grey hatband by Australian brand Belle Folie
Ink blue silk dyed Ikat button hat with white crin brim by German brand MATAdesign.
Vibrant green felt top hat with cut feather leaves studded in a black veil by Australian milliner Jill Humphries

From British milliner Sarah Cant, this white wide-straw bandeau with exquisite flying bow in colours fading from apricot to watermelon pink to deep merlot. So pretty.
Unconventional flower headpiece in purple and lime cross hatch crin petals by Australian milliner Sandy Aslett
Classic straw fedora in the loveliest blue with turquoise wrapped hatband by Norwegian milliner Gerd Holth
Black straw percher covered in wonderful leather flowers with beaded centers by Australian milliner Kylie Heagney
Classic shaped hat made spectacular with ombre dyed straw by Australian milliner Lisa Hughes
White straw boater with darling blue pearl centered flowers and hatband by Australian brand Hats by Helen

Charming blue straw design by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova with crin extended brim, ruched hatband and lovely brim scallop around the back
Cheeky watermelon pink handpainted parasisal straw bandeau with crystal seeds by British milliner Julian Ganer
Orchid purple felt pillbox with sculptural black trim by Australian milliner Bec Bayss
Quirky pink disk with dotted binding, crin loop and floral trim by French milliner Sylvia Martinez
Black lace boater with transparent brim and rounded crown by Australian brand Sonlia Fashion
Ecru felt pillbox with very royal white scalloped trim by Russian milliner Natalia Edis

Such a delicate hand by Turkish-born London based milliner Merve Bayindir on this feather covered saucer. Love the pale ombre rainbow!
Red textured straw cloche with divided crown by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva
Purple, fuchsia and turquoise folded straw bow headpiece by American milliner Laura Hubka-Timmel
Navy berger with straw brim, silk bias stripe crown and purple flowers by Australian milliner Wendy White
Black straw percher with tall monochrome spray of leaves, silk blooms and veil by UK-based milliner Giulia Mio
Showstopper large ecru straw disc with silk flowers and circling vine by British milliner Edwina Ibbotson

From Australian brand Peacock Millinery, this multicoloured saucer with black feather trim makes me smile

The Dutch royal family sending out love during the Eurovision song contest and Crown Princess Mette-Marit using one of her hobbies to share a message of hope

Photos from social media as indicated

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I especially like your choices of the Lisa Hughes ombré for Mathilde and the Peacock saucer for Beatrice. And now I’m nostalgic for those dandelion bouquets!

  2. That’s too bad about Susanne Juul. I especially loved her wave hats for CP Mary. Hoping this is a happy move for her, and not another case of a business getting done in by the coronavirus. Once the royals start making public appearances again, we’ll keep an eye out for signs of a new milliner for Mary.

    There are a lot of original touches in the new hats this week. I don’t think I’ve ever seen dandelions used as a hat trim — so fun. As HatQueen says, they are so realistic! The ikat print on the MATAdesign is another novel look. And how about the groovy Peter Max vibe of the Peacock design.

    More conventional, but still gorgeous with their beautiful hues: the blue and turquoise fedoras, the cobalt Jolana Kotabova, and the Lisa Hughes ombré.

    Lovely to see Baby Lux and his proud parents.

    • Such sad news, another milliner closing shop. It doesn’t sound like a happy move for Susanne Juul, but more like a forced decision. Her IG message dates from 27 th of March, so maybe the Corona crisis is not the main cause, but more like the last drop to make the cup spill over, as we say in Dutch.

  3. – What a striking straw saucer by Maggie Mowbray. The Duchess of Cambridge would look great in this.
    – those silk dandelions are fantastic! They look so real. My kids always pick a dandelion “bouquet” for me, so they would definitely love this bandeau.
    – What a great summer hat by Belle Folie. It would look amazing on so many Royal heads, but I think it would look great on the Duchess of Gloucester.
    – That green top hat by Jill Humphries is amazing. Princess Beatrice would look great in this.
    – I love the unique black straw percher covered in wonderful leather flowers by Kylie Heagney. I think The Countess of Wessex would look great in this.
    – I love the ombre straw hat by Lisa Hughes. Queen Mathilde would look so pretty in this.
    – The Edwina Ibbotson straw disc hat is perfect for Ascot. The Countess of Wessex or Princess Haya could pull it off.
    – I just love Peacock Millinery’s multicoloured saucer with black feather trim. Princess Beatrice would look amazing in this.

    I noticed this luxurious Philip Treacy hat this week and I had to share. It would look stunning on Beatrice Borromeo:

    CP Mette-Marit has a very interesting hobby!

    Such lovely photos of the new Prince Charles! I’m very happy for the Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess

    I loved watching the British Royal Family’s video chatting to nurses. It was lovely highlighting these important people.

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