This Week’s Extras

Top hats for King Harald and Crown Prince Haakon last Sunday for Norway’s national holiday
A LOT of millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Waved screen print fabric covered hat with flexible, changeable brim by Italian milliner Sabrina Baldacchini
Show-stopping red layered crin pyramid shaped hat by Australian milliner Lauren J Ritchie
Fuchsia straw button percher with lush vine of silk morning glories by Brtish milliner William Chambers
Navy felt trilby with blue-hued feather covered brim by Dutch milliner Berry Rutjes
Dusky pink leather button percher with beautiful layered lace trim by Australian milliner Kylie Heagney
Ecru straw wide brimmed slice hat with black embroidery by London-based milliner Filipa Cardoso
Pink, yellow and blue handpainted percher hat with straw twists and feathers by US brand Lifted Millinery

For our dear gents, this beautifully textured Panama hat with crisp and classic navy and cream
double hatband by British brand John Boyd Millinery
Cream straw picture hat with green statement bow and fantastic hand pieced straw brim, inspired
by jockey silks, by American brand Amy Jo Original Hats
The most charming pink and green sinamay handmade tulip bandeau headpiece from UK milliner Bridget Bailey
Grey felt fedora with ribbon work lily-of-the valley trim and beaded hatband by British milliner Jane Corbett
Padded oversize pillbox covered in a fantastically bold, retro floral print by Australian milliner Chris Mullane
Warm gold angular straw short-brimmed hat with neon pink silk organza rose by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Large waved percher covered entirely in magenta feathers by Irish milliner Aoife Harrison

And from Scottish milliner Stephanie, this elegantly restrained grey wide brimmed boater with guipure lace hatband

For World Bee Day on Wednesday, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar visited the beehives gifted to Victoria and Daniel for their wedding
Princess Alexandra shared a heartfelt message with Alzheimer Society, as did the Earl and Countess of Wessex for Local Resilience Forums in Wessex

We end this week with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge trying out new roles.

Photos from social media as indicated

10 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am really enjoying the bandeau’s. Give this idea to a pro hat maker and they do wonders!!! Last week’s dandelion and this week’s tulip bandeau convinced me that a bandeau can be just as creative and interesting as hats.

    I fell in love with the dusky pink leather percher with layered lace trim! This looks perfect to wear to a wedding or some other very formal event. And for a more casual event I liked the ruffled gold and deep pink hat with gold stamped feather.

    As mittenmary says, “La Vie en Rose!!!”

  2. So many shades of pink this week, led by Wies’s charmer! No matter how bad things are in the world, this blog gives us a touch of La Vie en Rose. Thank you, HatQueen!

    It’s hard NOT to think of Max in Lauren J. Ritchie’s red pyramid. All the interesting elements of Jo Peterson’s fedora — the ombré, bow, and cross-hatching — add up to a real beauty. Jane Corbett’s grey fedora with the snowdrops blooming though the snow would be so lovely around late March. And the jockey silk-inspired hat is just do fun.

    Victoria and her children are adorable, and the Cambridges are such good sports.

    • Mittenmary, what a great name for a hat! My next pink hat shall be called La vie en rose (why didn’t I think of this before?)
      Pink is a good colour for hats as it usually flatters the complexion of the wearer. There is a flattering shade of pink for everyone. Not the same thing with say, green, for instance.
      (When I still worked for the theatre in Paris, we made hats for Saint Catherine’s Day every year: green & yellow. Quite a challenge to make people look lovely in those colours!)

      • What a great name choice mittenmary! And what a honor Wies! I can’t wait to see that hat! 🙂

        Wies, I can imagine that green and yellow are hard to match on people, but when you get the shades and the person right, it’s literally jaw-on-the-floor breathtaking!

      • I’ll be looking forward to seeing that one, Wies! I have to agree with you that there’s a shade of pink for everyone. I’ll admit that Shanon has a point about some people looking good in the right yellow or green, it they are definitely trickier.

  3. I agree with Wies about the lovely textures on the hats this week:
    – The waved screen print fabric covered hat with flexible, changeable brim by Sabrina Baldacchini is so lovely and unusual. This would be fabulous on Princess Beatrice at Ascot.
    – I love the olive green straw hat with orange hatband by Maline for Queen Margrethe.
    – Princess Haya would look dynamite at Ascot in the show-stopping red layered crin pyramid shaped hat by Lauren J Ritchie
    – I love the brim twist on the navy trilby by Berry Rutjes.This would look amazing on Queen Maxima.
    – I would love to see Princess Madeleine in the ruffled double brimmed hat in gold and pink by Béatrice de Beauvoir.
    – I love Chris Mullane’s retro floral print pillbox. I’d love to see the Countess of Wessex in this.
    – Zara Tindall for the warm gold angular straw hat with pink organza rose by Jolana Kotabova
    – Zara Tindall also for the waved magenta feather percher by Aoife Harrison
    – I would love to see one of the Japanese Princesses (Mako or Kako) wear the black and ecru straw hat with lace by Stefania Belfiore.

    Love the photos of the Swedish Royal beekeepers! They look like they are having fun.

    I enjoyed watching the video of the Cambridge’s calling Bingo. That was so fun! The lady’s comment at the end was side-splitting. ha ha

    Thanks for a great, packed post this week Hat Queen!

  4. Thank you for featuring my “Dominique” design, HatQueen!
    I love all the hats from your weekly selection, especially those with interesting surface materials, like the screenprinted fabrics and feathers (Sabrina Baldacchini and Felicity Northeast), the feather embroidery (Merve Bayindir) and the quilted sinamay brim (Amy Jo Original Hats) and, well … too many to mention them all.
    Have a good Sunday everyone!

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